Recycled and Recyclable Cardboard Furniture For Kids of All Ages

Krooom's Naggie Bookcase, which can hold up to 10 kgs per cell

Here on Green Prophet we love to hear about green design.  In the world of green furniture design we’ve already covered Green Lullaby, which makes cribs, doll houses and doll cradles for kids out of recycled cardboard paper.  But now there’s a new recycled cardboard furniture design company in town and they’re making furniture for everybody.

Krooom, an Israeli design company with international representation (website no longer working 2021), is producing eco friendly DIY cardboard furniture for the home, office, and kid’s room.  Fun cardboard furniture isn’t just for kids anymore.

With a focus on the environmental impact of their products, Krooom makes a conscious choice to use cardboard with at least 60% recycled content (which consumes less energy than producing products from virgin fibers) and to also ensure that their products are recyclable.  According to Krooom’s website, precycling is just as important as recycling.  P

recycling is “the process of making a conscious choice to purchase or use products and services which will have a less harmful effect on the environment.”

Krooom's Storage Trunk can hold 32 kgs

Krooom’s Storage Trunk can hold 32 kgs

But beyond being environmentally conscious and friendly, Krooom’s designs are beautiful.  Check out their Naggie Bookcase above, or their convincing faux wooden storage trunk on the right.  Other products include file cabinets, magazine racks, wine holders, and a child’s table with chairs.

Nitzan Bertele, the founder of Krooom and the company’s chief design offer, said that “the challenge we faced was to bring cardboard to a level where it can compete with similar products from plastic and wood at the mass retail level.”  But once they figured that out, the sky was the limit.  Bertele continued to say that “we brought in a new concept, we are penetrating all sorts of markets, and once we do that we will keep refreshing them on a seasonal basis with new designs and products.”

Krooom’s designs are also NTR – No Tools Required – and intended for easy assembly.  Arriving flat and with easy instructions, a la IKEA, their products are truly intended for the widest possible market.  Bringing eco design to everybody.

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25 thoughts on “Recycled and Recyclable Cardboard Furniture For Kids of All Ages”

  1. Reusing cardboard for furniture is a great “green” idea. I wonder if they will start recycling old furniture as well…

  2. Johnpark says:

    Furniture is the most important element when considered for home or office. Reusing the waste to build furniture really helps in many ways.

  3. That's best out of waste, really very impressive

  4. That's best out of waste, really very impressive

  5. ubiremea says:

    That furniture looks great , and so easy to build , no more buying Ashley Furniture I'm all for recycling from now on

  6. These are definitely some awesome examples of what can be done with materials companies are constantly throwing out every minute of every day. Good find and post

  7. lior frenkel says:

    Do you think the kids get any of this environmental education, or it is only for the parents?
    I want to make some kids education in my web site for reusing bags instead of plastic bags, but I’m not sure kids really care about these things.
    What do you recon?

  8. Hannah, they are probably focusing on the B2B market – selling in bulk to stores that will distribute their products. Send them a link to this article and offer to review their kids stuff for them. Ask for free samples. – Karin

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  10. I called to get a price for one of their items, and they didn’t know what to do with me. Finally I spoke to someone who said their office line will be in Office Depot in 3 weeks, but no word on prices or when their children’s line will be available. I suspect it will be pricey.

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