Naked Israelis on Everyone’s Minds

naked israelis dead seaNaked Israelis to the rescue. Mission: Save the Dead Sea.

Hugging trees, saving whales, and starting recycling campaigns for environmentalists. Now, eco-activists from a range of organizations ––  including Green Prophet –– are suggesting that people bare all, and go naked for the environment. Witnessed by the Naked Dead Sea photography event this weekend at the Dead Sea to save the shrinking Dead Sea, I have to ask:  Is olive colored skin the new green?

My sister’s old best friend is a naturalist who spends her weekends getting naked in northern Ontario (you can find naturalists at any number of top dating websites if that’s your thing). She loves the freedom of it all. But as much as I love being naked in my own home in the privacy of shuttered windows, I am not going to be ready any time soon to use my body as the messenger. I will use my fingers tapping on keyboard and brain to expose the naked truth instead. But I encourage those willing to get naked for a large number of environmental issues.

The activists and flute-playing naked guys in Israel who participated in the Spencer Tunick naked photography installation on Saturday morning are reveling in the aftermath of the event, and one had even written to me about the continuation of nakedness last night on the Carleton Beach in Tel Aviv, where 100 people went for a late night (naked?) swim. I expect pictures soon.

Some people in the blogosphere are saying that Israel has done the Naked Sea event as a publicity stunt to improve its image in the eyes of the world. The truth is, though, that the Dead Sea, first of all, belongs to Planet Earth. Second, the photographer is American, and third, this has been in the planning stages for a year or better. Well before all the recent talk about a Palestinian bid for statehood in the UN, which by the way, I support.

What I find particularly exciting though, is talk about getting naked for other environmental catastrophes.

Maurice suggests making a date to get naked to save the River Jordan.
How about getting naked to save the Mediterranean Sea?
Or getting naked for the Sea of Galilee?

Since Green Prophet covers the Middle East, we need to go beyond Israel of course and get naked for the Salt Sea in Iran, but that wouldn’t work in the conservative country, or get naked for the marine pollution in Saudi Arabia. But that wouldn’t work either. And there are good, sound, and religious values behind why these countries ban such actions, which I support.

Clearly, nakedness, legal or not, in today’s very sexualized world, still draws a lot of attention, meaning that it’s still a value people obviously cherish very much. Were it not, the world media would not have been giving naked Israelis so much attention in the news. And naked picture seekers so many hits on Green Prophet Dead Sea naked stories.

(By the way, in the middle of writing this, Tafline now in London, writes this in the body of an email: “Everyone has naked Israelis on their mind.”)

Me too. I just went and changed the title of this post. Now, dear readers, use nakedness to solve the naked truth: like the fact that the Dead Sea is suffering from human exploitation. And if you want to get naked with some other like-minded environmentalists try JDate or 20 Top Dating Websites to meet others, like-minded.

Image via the Daily Mail

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9 thoughts on “Naked Israelis on Everyone’s Minds”

  1. Jonquil says:

    The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. For that reason, it has accumulated tremendous amounts of minerals, mainly salt, which prevent life as we know it from existing. The Dead Sea is fed by fresh water, a scarce commodity in the region. Don’t expect Israel and Jordan to divert drinking water to the Dead Sea. The only real solution is a canal from a salt water body, the Med. or the Red. This costs a lot of money, but provides jobs too. (Obviously, the extremist solution of removing millions of people from the region would also do the trick).

  2. I am the editor of this site and I feel this was an important event marking a stage where the Dead Sea needs to be preserved, or else it might never be the same again. If it takes someone’s boob or butt to make the world notice what they could lose (the Dead Sea belongs to us all, I believe), then I support it.

  3. By last article I meant I agree with the comment”A confused and unhelpful article. It doesn’t understand the difference between naturism and naturalism, the significance of the photo-based performance in the Dead Sea, or the complete irrelevance of dating to any of this.”

  4. I agree with the last comment.
    I found in this article a very superficial and limited understanding of life
    by this “writer”.
    I wonder why an interesting webside like the Green Prophet published such a rubbish.

  5. Xoussef says:

    Northern Ontario? Ouch!

  6. sam delpenyon says:

    if its dead how can it be saved??????

    1. The Dead Sea is a misnomer! It’s not really dead, but it’s dying.

  7. Dr. P. Rapoport says:

    A confused and unhelpful article. It doesn’t understand the difference between naturism and naturalism, the significance of the photo-based performance in the Dead Sea, or the complete irrelevance of dating to any of this.

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