Dead Sea Works Tries to Convince Public That It Is Not Responsible for Decreasing Water Levels

"dead sea water level"The Dead Sea Works would have the public believe that it is saving – not destroying – the Dead Sea.

Greenwashing campaigns have become abundant in recent years as the green trend has been growing in popularity.  With greater environmental awareness among the public over the past decade or so, businesses attempt to attract positive attention by emphasizing (whether justifiably or not) their greener qualities.  Unfortunately, more often than not, these green claims are exaggerated or completely fictitious.  Such was the case this week when the Dead Sea Works, a company largely held responsible for the increase in Dead Sea salt accumulations and decreasing water levels, claimed that it was actually saving the natural wonder in a new media campaign.

The $1.5 million dollar campaign is the company’s first attempt to appeal directly to the public, since it has previously stuck to behind-the-scenes lobbying tactics.  It is believed to anticipate a demand by the State of Israel that the company pay for the project to dredge the salt from the Dead Sea.

Why take responsibility if you can somehow convince the public that your actions are good for the Dead Sea?

The animated, simple vocabulary campaign focused on happiness and joy – two things the Israeli public won’t be if the Dead Sea Works continues its work and eventually leads all the surrounding hotels to sink.

Dead Sea Works has transformed the southern part of the Dead Sea into an evaporation pond in order to exploit the lake’s minerals, which has caused the water levels in the northern section to dangerously drop.  Furthermore, the area around Ein Bokek – where several hotels are located – is threatening to rise and flood.

Hopefully the company’s new greenwashing campaign will not deter the State of Israel from requiring that Dead Sea Works be responsible for dredging the salt out of the evaporation pool, otherwise this will just rub Dead Sea salt in the wound of this increasingly disastrous environmental situation.

: Haaretz

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