Israeli “Green Man” Show Suspended Due to Greenwashing

[youtube][/youtube] After being on the air for just a few weeks, “The Green Man” TV show has been temporarily shut down due to allegations of bribery and greenwashing. It is funded by an Israeli chemical company. A new environmental television show called “The Green Man” debuted just a few weeks ago, hosted by well known […]


Apply Now for Ford & UNESCO’s $100,000 Enviro-Grants

Ford offers up another $100,000 to get green initiatives in the Gulf and Levant rolling. Applications are due 10 September, 2011. After writing a visceral post about environmental organizations that accept money from large corporations, in protest of greenwashing, Arwa interviewed the Emirates Diving Association, who explained their decision to accept $10,000 from Ford. One […]


Dubai’s “Bespoke” Pearl Is On The Rise

Dubai’s Giant Pearl is starting to make its significant presence known. The mammoth Dubai Pearl construction project in Dubai was one of the few to survive the economic crash. Now the fruit of three and a half million man hours of work is beginning to rise above the rest of the city’s large, mostly empty […]


Rawabi: Palestine’s Greenest City, or Greenest Wash?

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry threatens to enforce their will in Palestinian territory, where the plans for Rawabi are not as green as Palestinian/Qatari developers profess. Israel’s excess extraction from the Jordan River (as well as other factors) could soon kill it altogether with serious ramifications for Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. There is no question that one […]