Israeli Government Officials Prepare to Paint the Knesset Green

"green israel knesset"Five governmental committees and eight scheduled discussions plan on painting the Israeli Knesset green tomorrow during “Environment Day”.

Every one gets his or her day in court, and hopefully every important issue gets its appropriate representation in governmental legislation.  Tomorrow is the environment’s day, as the Israeli Knesset will be observing it’s own “Environment Day”, which has become somewhat of an annual tradition.  The day will be observed by five parliamentary Knesset committees, as well as several members of Knesset (including Dov Khenin), government officials, and heads of Israeli environmental organizations.

The event was organized jointly by the Social-Environmental Lobby in the Knesset and Life and Environment (the umbrella organization for all Israeli environmental organizations).

Eight special discussions will be held tomorrow by the various parliamentary committees, including:

  • Marine pollution regulations (to be held by the Interior Affairs and Environmental Protection Committee)
  • Allotments and licenses for the production of solar energy devices (to be held by the Economic Committee)
  • The national program for biological projects (to be held by the Science and Technology Committee)
  • Supervision and encouragement of use of public transportation (to be held by the Funds Committee)
  • Coordination with local authorities to separate waste at the source (also to be held by the Funds Committee)
  • Discussion of the potential risk of cancer from using cellular devices (to be held by the Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee)
  • A weekly meeting regarding planning and construction reform (to be held by the communal Economic-Internal Affairs Committee)

A special discussion will be held at noon by the Social-Environmental Lobby regarding natural resources, and will be lead by the lobby leaders, Dov Khenin and Nitzan Horowitz.  The discussion will address a variety of practical issues related to the usage and distribution of Israel’s natural resources, including: gas, oil, phosphates, water, sand, etc.

In addition, the Chairman of the Knesset, MK Rubi Rivlin, and other Knesset members will meet with a delegation of Friends of the Earth Middle East (an organization that unites residents of Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority over shared water concerns).  They will discuss ways to properly and justly manage communal water resources such as the Dead Sea, Jordan River, and mountain aquifer.

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