Sunday’s Middle East Green News Snippets

Catch up on the green stories from Middle East you may have missed this week It’s certainly been a busy week of green news and our team of Green Prophet reporters have been working hard to get the latest to you. From Lebanon’s embrace of the car to the continuing water problems for Egypt’s Nile, […]


Israeli Government Officials Prepare to Paint the Knesset Green

Five governmental committees and eight scheduled discussions plan on painting the Israeli Knesset green tomorrow during “Environment Day”. Every one gets his or her day in court, and hopefully every important issue gets its appropriate representation in governmental legislation.  Tomorrow is the environment’s day, as the Israeli Knesset will be observing it’s own “Environment Day”, […]


Egyptian Women Forced to Take ‘Virginity Tests’

Unstable and unsustainable societies threaten our health, and that of the environment. The latest: virginity tests in Egypt. Despite their massive involvement in the protests and overthrow of their government, Egyptian women are being denied a voice in the formation of a new government, World Pulse and other watchdog organizations report. Amnesty International has called […]


Israeli Clean Air Act Goes into Effect

Passed in the summer of 2008, Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect this month. As with its neighboring Middle Eastern countries, things can be slow moving in Israel sometimes.  Maybe its a regional thing.  But better later than never.  While it would have been great if Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect back […]


Ormat Technologies Secures US Funds For Geothermal Plants

Ormat plans to harvest more power from the depths of the earth with additional funding from the US Dept. of Treasury. Despite failing to meet market expectations when its Q2 results were presented in August, the geothermal power company Ormat Technologies managed to secure an additional $108 million funding, according to the Israeli business daily […]