InnoSave Greens Big Electric Motors to Save Energy Costs

Large public escalator systems, like this one, can operate “greener” by using InnoSave’s energy saving systems.

Electric motors, running on both direct and alternating electrical current have made our lives much easier, ever since they were invented by such people as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. The use of sophisticated electric motors are also being incorporated to power automobiles and other vehicles, including high speed electric sports cars like the Tesla Motors $100,000 sports coups and roadsters.

Larger electric motors that are in use in factories, as well as those that  power elevators and escalators in office buildings and shopping malls, are also heavy users of electricity, however. A new Israeli company InnoSave is finding solutions for electric motors, letting them run on less electricity and without the need to operate on a “combination” of both AC and DC current power. The WSJ blog mentions the company just landed an investment from Israel Cleantech Ventures.

Also saving electric current?

The company has developed full performance AC electric motor drive which enables electric motors to run on less electricity and without the need to operate on a “combination” of both AC and DC current power. InnoSave’s technologies applies Variable Frequency Drive or VFD to run better and more economically.

Established in 2009, and headed by Ilan Atias, who was named Israel’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2005; and together with his partner Arthur Naiman, InnoSave’s unique electric engine drives enable electric motors to operate at less speeds and with torque levels as less than 70% of those needed on other electric motor systems. The technology uses two systems known as InnoSafe Motor Drive (ISD) and Energy Saving Motor Drive (ESMD).

Both systems are intended to enable the motors to run on less speeds and with less engine torques, thereby using less energy. The systems also offers an option of a “soft start” thereby using less electricity, and to stop by means of “dynamic motor braking” that enable motors to stop operation by using less electrical current. The result is a 30% electricity savings over electric motors not using these concepts.

The real innovations behind much of these “new” technologies can be attributed, however to the genius of Nikola Tesla, whose concepts on using alternating electrical currents to power electric motors resulted in even Thomas Edison acknowledging that Tesla’s concepts are superior to his own.

Electric motors incorporating InnoSave’s energy saving systems emit less heat and result in less stress to the engines themselves. And InnoSave engine drives enable the use of smaller and lighter weight engines to perform the same functions; resulting in lower costs and longer engine life. All of these features result in a “greener'” use function to electric engines which still require electricity originating from fossil fuel fired powered plants.


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  1. Brad Perry says:

    This is interesting, it sounds essentially like a variable frequency drive, which have been around for over 20 years. VFDs also save energy. It would be interesting to see how these new drives compare to what is already in the market today. If you want to learn more about VFDs, visit my company has some info on them and their power-saving ability. You can find us at If you are interested in purchasing one, find us at

  2. Meir Ukeles says:

    your article mis-quotes the WSJ reference- the $100 million reference in the WSJ article is to the target fund size of ICV II, NOT to the amount invested by ICV into InnoSave…

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