Azouri Brothers & Shai Agassi Together Make Tel Aviv A Better Place

azouri-brothers-eco-towerThe Azouri brothers and architect Keren Yedvub leave no stone unturned. Their 20-storey “eco-tower” overturns the old n’ ugly world order with a building that is bold, beautiful, and deeply sustainable.

The Azouri Brothers’ eco-tower is growing greener and greener by the day.

 Already featuring a whole host of attributes that make their 20 storey office building as livable and sustainable as technology and funding will allow, Alon & Ronen Azouri have joined forces with Better Place CEO Shai Agassi to take sustainability to the next level.

Those employees who drive zero emission vehicles will not only be rewarded with prime parking spots, but they will also receive 50% off their monthly parking fee.

While this may not pay off financially except in the very long term, the program does associate carbon-emitting vehicles with a sort of social stigma. The stima: pollution is bad.

Planned for a spring inauguration, the $51 million eco-tower already incorporates special glass that permits natural light without the sun’s heat and that is partially recycled, reused or locally-sourced building materials, solar paneling, and flooring made from certified wood.

Also included is a climate control monitoring system that can be operated online to ensure maximum efficiency without compromising comfort.

But wait. There’s more. Part of ensuring quality of life, according to Ronen Azouri, is ensuring a healthy means of getting from point A to point B. 

“Green parking completes the general vision of building a ‘better place’ (pun intended), a green and healthy business environment,” says Azouri. “Transit is part of the quality of life of residents of the building, and we are pleased to provide an incentive to switch to electric vehicles.”

The underground parking area will be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors. When levels are unsafe, the ventilation system will be automatically activated. And in keeping with energy efficiency goals, LED lighting will be programmed to ebb and flow depending on the time of day. 

For those who prefer the double-wheeled option, no problem. Not only will they be able to park their bicycles, but they’ll be able to grab a solar-powered shower before stepping into the office. 

:: Israel 21C

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