Israeli Green Police to Receive More Arrest Powers

Are you an environmental criminal?  Don’t mess with the Green Police.

Until a few years ago, environmental law enforcement was a big problem in Israel (as it is in many countries – Interpol is even getting tough on green crimes).  There were some really great environmental laws in place, but the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection was having a hard time collecting environmental fines.  But a few things have happened in recent years to remedy the situation: local authorities have been given more power to enforce environmental laws (instead of the central government), and the Green Police has been fortified.

Yes, there is such a thing as the Green Police.

Developed out of the Environmental Protection Ministry’s National Environmental Patrol in 1990, the Green Police is the Ministry’s main entity for enforcing environmental law and creating a deterrent for criminals.

“The Green Police is empowered to carry out inspections and investigations relating, among others, to wastewater, asbestos, hazardous waste, air pollution, illegal signposting, non-compliance with the Deposit Law on Beverage Containers, improper conditions in dairy farms and much more.

It is authorized to stop environmental offenders, investigate them, present them with ‘finable offense orders’ (fines in lieu of trial), and transfer investigation files to the Environmental Protection Ministry’s Legal Division for the preparation of indictments.”

The Green Police recently got a little stronger, since it was authorized for arrest powers regarding illegal waste disposal, and dumping waste and/or oil in the sea.

A bill to grant the Ministry inspectors and Green Police arrest powers for all types of environmental crimes is now in final approval stages in the Knesset.

: Jerusalem Post

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