Grapes In Moisturiser Are Sweet For Skin, Not Sour

Esdor’s beauty products contain healthy, antioxidant-rich extracts from grape skins, of which Israel has aplenty, and none of the bad stuff.

Israel is well-known for its wines that were popular among Romans. The industry really took off in 1989 when Baron Edmond James Rothschild started the Bordeau estate Château Lafite-Rothschild. Ironic, then, that the Elah Valley wine industry today  is threatened by oil shale ambitions supported by Lord Jacob Rothschild.

There are many ugly beauty products on the market that are full of chemicals better off used in an industrial zone. These don’t get my money. A Spanish firm has patented a product that is infinitely healthier and that, as a bonus, uses grape skins that might otherwise go to waste.

Matarromera Esdar has managed to find a way to extract the antioxidants with which red grape skins are saturated. The byproduct of this process is called, by them, eminol.

This is then combined with other natural products to produce a moisturizer that is free of parabens, mineral oils, or artificial colors. The firm also claims that the polyphenols in red grapes contribute to the anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, and elasticity promotion properties inherent in their products.

Among the other ingredients are musk oil, a caviar extract (not necessarily the eco-friendliest ingredient), jojoba oil, and wheat germ oil.

Esdor creams are produced in the Douro Region of Spain in a sustainable building that generates its own electricity, adding to the product’s merits. They are pricey though, ranging from 25 Euro and above. And while online shopping is possible, it might be worthwhile to consider a DIY version of this lovely product.

:: Springwise

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