Clinton Lauds Masdar’s Renewable Energy Efforts, Is ‘Betting On The UAE’

hilary clinton masdar city Clinton’s visit came one week before Abu Dhabi hosts its annual World Future Energy Summit.

Green Prophet has presented a number of negative assessments of Masdar and Abu Dhabi’s ambitious efforts to build a carbon-free city. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have missed or dismissed these reports. During a visit to Masdar City this week, Clinton had nothing but praise for the UAE’s “very creative efforts” to pursue renewable energy.

Clinton declared: “I want my country to know how advanced you are in pursuing clean, renewable energy. I want the world to know that the United States is partnering with you, because we are betting on Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

“We are betting that this incredible investment represented by Masdar is going to pay off.

“And when it pays off, it will not only mean a better life for the people of this country and this region.

“It will have ripple effects throughout the world.”

Clinton’s remarks at Masdar City
Masdar’s press release about Clinton’s visit

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