Six Finalists Chosen for Masdar’s Zayed Future Energy Prize

The late Sheikh Zayed, founding father of Abu DhabiThe annual Zayed Future Energy Prize, named for Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of modern Abu Dhabi who died in 2004, recognizes pioneering work in the field of renewable energy.

Six finalists have been selected from an original pool of nearly 400 nominees for the 2011 Zayed Future Energy Prize. The winner – to be announced on January 18th during the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi – will receive $1.5 million. A $350,000 prize will also be awarded to two other finalists for their innovation, long-term vision and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability. Green Prophet is a media sponsor of the event and we are looking forward to reporting the winner. 

The six finalists are:

– Amory B. Lovins, the Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, for his work on “integrative design” for energy efficient buildings. Lovins describes “integrative design” as a powerful and globally applicable new tool for shifting rapidly from oil and coal to efficiency and renewables.
Barefoot College, the only fully solar electrified College in India, for training woman in rural areas to contribute to solar energy development. The college believes the very poor have every right to have access to, control, and manage and own the most sophisticated of technologies to improve their own lives.
E+Co, an investment company based in New Jersey, for its pioneering clean energy investments in the developing world. E+Co supports and invests in small and growing clean energy enterprises in developing countries impact climate change and energy poverty.
First Solar, solar modules manufacturer based in Arizona, for its commitment to solar energy and the development of more efficient thin film solar modules. First Solar has developed an innovative photovoltaic technology focused on affordability as well as sustainability and is the preferred module supplier for major PV projects globally.
Terry Tamminen, CEO and Founder of 7th Generation Advisors, for his work in developing renewable energy solutions in California. For more than 20 years, Tamminen has developed, implemented and replicated effective renewable and sustainable energy solutions by using California as a proof-of-concept model, then scaling up to larger markets within the US and internationally.
Vestas, a Danish manufacturer of wind turbine technology for its work to bring clean energy to developing countries. For over 30 years, Vestas has been introducing innovative ideas to promote clean, renewable wind power as one of the world’s mainstream power solutions. They are relentlessly committed to establishing wind as a large-scale, sustainable alternative to oil and gas.

The chairman of the selection committee, Razan Al Mubarak, noted: “We had a hard time selecting these six entries. The nature of the work of each candidate was exceptional, we analyzed each entry from different angles. The jury will have a very tough choice as all six that we have selected have made a really significant contribution to renewable energy and sustainability.”

Image via UAE Embassy

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2 thoughts on “Six Finalists Chosen for Masdar’s Zayed Future Energy Prize”

  1. Muhammad Shabbir says:

    Observation & Obligations is not against But the ??? Solar & Wind Energy Resources for the Entire World one of the good future Energy Solution in the way of long run limitations / expansions may be??

    Dear Sir,

    Subject matter need to be consult for the Debates in the future Energy Events / Forums / Exhibitions / Seminars / Conferences for solving our Entire World Energy Crisis and its solutions like Hydroelectric Energy is the one of them for all over the entire World communities energy requirements, which will be most unique situation for the research and developments on future thinking and its Solutions. Because both Energy Resources if in the way of limitation expansions then this will be OK and fine otherwise they must be disturb the life cycle of whole World like Seasonal and Weather system of Rain falls, On the other hand impacts create on Eco System, Environmental issues like new facts and figures for Human life. Because due to the current scenario of our Global condition seems to be causing problems & harmful for the next
    Cumming future time frame. If we consider as fallowing Points
    positively then may be solve the subject matter easily as soon.

    Reservations / Obligations for the Wind Energy Sector.

    1. First of all we see that wind energy sector spreading rapidly in
    every country as a renewable energy Sector a good sign but when wind
    fans working to produce energy also disperse the route of proper air
    direction which will be the causing problem of environmental issue
    like seasonal weather effects for rains and hydro energy sector
    projects water storages capacities decrease / Less Levels?

    2. Grounds, Hills, Sea, Oceans, everywhere wind forms create energy
    from environmental air travelling paths, and send it to the required
    portion of power sector uses. But due to the above mention
    observations come into the way of this source of energy sector?

    3. If we use air / wind for only the utilization for one object as
    described, then our Global Earth Planet will be disturb and life cycle will be change.

    Reservations / Obligations for the Solar Energy Sector.

    1. Solar Energy Sector also spreading / Growing / Rapidly on houses,
    big buildings, Solar parks, Solar forms same as we study in wind
    energy sector, Sun heat reach directly towards Solar Panels and after
    storing the heat delivered energy to require places for utilizations
    of entire world need as we know Globalization and its developments so
    fast in every where as we discuss in above wind subject accordingly.

    2. The portion of Panels in all over the entire world if we see to its below / under side areas, there is no heating and lighting approaches so that due to this impact create same as already discuss in wind energy sector but here is some different case of scenario taking place because upper side of Solar Panel observe the heat and light but lower area of Land surface doesn’t do so and heat and light is not reaching there properly, causing problems for environment in shape of seasonal and life cycle changes in human being.

    3. Same as in the nature of Engineering / Medical / Eco system / will
    be effect due to the above situation as well as environmental issues
    we all knows better ways for positive polices and its implementations.

    We are not +/ – thinking against the both Wind and Solar energy
    system are good resources of our energy Sector all over the world
    production departments, same as other lot of energy making areas Gas, Coal, Tidal, Bio, Thermal , Oil, etc.

    At the end of the subject discussion if we see the hydroelectric
    energy Sector is the useful way for all over Global energy resources
    only if some modifications / alterations made in Penstock Civil Design Geometry in the Vertical smooth transition type Section come from intake to turbine travelling path in shape of box culvert type to enhance capabilities of its generation capacities of Dams, Reservoirs, Rivers, Flowing Water areas, Canalize water sources by canals & Tunnels which are already produce lot of energy for entire world communities and its requirements . Details will be consultable with me on expertise forms.

    Once again need to be identifying only for the considering of
    important issues for resolving in our future coming energy events ,
    Seminars, Conferences, gathering of think tanks debates and
    consultations to find out solutions for the Global energy crisis which will be come out in next future.


    Hoping for the positive response soon.

  2. Muhammad Shabbir says:

    Planet of Earth Energy & Water Crisis. + One more optional idea for our future thinking.

    Dear Sir,

    The Subject matter is all over the World facing Energy & Water problems, So I am trying to Explain an idea for Old & New Dams / Reservoirs Hydro electric projects Civil Design Geometry Can be modifying in Architectural Transition to increase our energy potential. Because we are Losing heavy quantum of already storage water in our Big Dams and its relevant projects to generate Hydro Electric old technology, Now it must be need to convert into new theory of Scientific Technology as per utilizing in the way of experiment with foreign expertise at any Hydro electric base Model of concern Department or forum to finalize the following unique and entire world Global developing idea for its further implementations in the current ongoing and next coming future Hydroelectric & Water projects as soon as possible.


    with best regards.

    Please Debates in future Energy Events / Forums / Exhibitions / Seminars / Conferences about subject idea for solving our entire World Energy Crisis as soon as possible.

    One more Optional idea for our future thinking.

    it is simple to start a intake water Chanel and drop to a low bed area to generate Hydroelectric Energy + other after-all we can utilize Sea or Ocean to canalize for entire world energy and agricultural requirements / necessaries because think tanks can be made easily Handel the subject matter.

    I hope think so.

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