READ: LAGI’s Guide To Making Renewable Energy Beautiful

read-energy-literacyEver wondered about the science of solar or wind energy, but feel overwhelmed by too much information? READ cuts through the noise with a guide that is both informative and inspiring.

Who says the Middle East doesn’t have progressive leanings? There may be the odd dud who thinks mocking global warming with a water park in the middle of the desert is clever, but then we also have Studied Impact based in Dubai, and the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI).

A multidisciplinary design house that has received coverage for their power plant fit for living, and for the LAGI design competition that inspired the Solaris electricity-generating magic carpet, Studied Impact/LAGI just released an easy-to-use, comprehensive online guide to renewable energy. Covering the ugly power plant paradigm in dust, READ illustrates the beautiful and smart side of renewable energy.

An acronym for Renewable Energy Art & Design, READ is an exhaustive, beautifully laid-out digital handbook that outlines all pertinent information about the art and science of renewable energy.

In seven hours, architects, artists, designers, educators, policy makers, and curious citizens can peruse four chapters that detail the conceptual, practical, and technological aspects of aesthetically-pleasing energy generation and distribution. At the end, a platform has been provided that allows users to create their own theoretical artistic energy project that can then be uploaded to the LAGI website.

With royal functionality, the guide is ordered into several chapters and sub-chapters. Like so:

1. Understanding Art Outside the Gallery (1 hour):

  • Land Art
  • Public Art
  • Eco Art
  • Social Practice Art
  • Tactical Media
  • Renewable Energy Art

2. Understanding the Science of Energy (2 hours):

  • Fundamentals
  • Applications
  • People
  • Definitions
  • Measurement Conversion
  • Dig Deeper

3. Understanding Sustainable Technologies (2 hours):

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Bio
  • Other
  • History
  • Public Policy
  • Dig Deeper

4. Conceptual Framework (2 hours):

  • Popular Acceptance
  • Social Impact
  • Environmental Impact
  • Innovation
  • Dig Deeper

5. Design Your Own Energy Generating Artwork (1-3 days):

  • Design Brief
  • Full Resolution Photos
  • Video Files
  • DWG File of Plot Boundaries
  • PDF of Site Plan

6. Upload design to the LAGI website (10 minutes):

There is no question that Studied Impact and LAGI are among the most recognized pioneers of the renewable energy movement. With coverage from NPR, The New York Times, Discovery News, and Popular Science, the group is propelling not only their own team but the greater community towards smarter thinking, thinking that rejects the cold, sterile urbanism that has dominated industrial applications since the 18th century.

Everything about READ is smart: well organized, accessible, multi-disciplinary, and relevant for a wide audience. We urge you to check it out. While completely rational, its divergence from the boring rhetoric that dominates mainstream energy news is nothing short of radical.

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