Studied Impact's Power Plant Fit For Living

dubai-power-plant-skyscraperSun, wind and solar updraft, could this skyscraper be the world’s first dual power plant and residential building?

It’s not easy to shine in Dubai, where architecture and design have captured all the world’s firsts:  the tallest skyscraper, the largest collection of artificial islands – so large they are said to be seen from space. But these are not always flattering firsts.  Finally a couple, both graduates of Carnegie Mellon University, are seeking saner firsts for Dubai. Architect Robert Ferry, whose wife Elizabeth Monoian is the Director of Society for Cultural Exchange, has designed a power-scraper that can double as either a commercial or residential building.  power-plant-skyscraper

Also a consultant for MASDAR City, Ferry aims for “sustainable additions to our shared living habitat for generations in the future.”

The 10 MW, 1,969 ft A-shaped skyscraper, if designed, would not only be the first of its kind, but it would also generate 10 times as much energy as it requires, writes Suzanne LeBarre for PopSci.

The design calls for 3 sources of energy generation, according to Studied Impact‘s literature:  a 5MW horizontal wind turbine that would run for 1600 hours each year, a 3MW concentrated solar power (CSP) system – mirrors that concentrate sunlight on to a molten-salt collector that in turn generates steam to power a turbine – and a 2MW solar updraft tower. The latter would capture rising heat to power a wind turbine, and along with the CSP system, would run for 2,400 hours each year. This combined energy capture could result in an annual generation of 20,000 MWh (enough to power 4,000 homes, says Le Barre).


Le Barre also writes that “If it were built (at an estimated cost of $400 million), 10MW could pay off its energy debt in 20 years. Extra juice feeds the municipal grid, and other sources in the area would adjust for the tower’s output.”  In addition to residential and commercial units, the skyscraper’s 3-storey podium will serve as an ideal space for retails establishments and restaurants. 

The design duo – Perry and Monoian – believe that “sustainability is not just about resources, but also about social harmony.”

Though the skyscraper is still in the design phase, a building with potential to generate electricity and social harmony is A-OK with us.

::Via PopSci

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    This is an amazing concept. This will help greatly in saving the resources, money, etc. I think the future buildings should be constructed by applying this concept. This will help to save our planet from most dangerous global warming.

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