David de Rothschild To Speak At NYC Green Drinks Tonight

david-de-rothschild-plastikiIn the running to become National Geographic’s 2010 Adventurer of the Year, David de Rothschild continues to spread awareness of the world’s oceans.

Towards the end of July this year, David de Rothschild and his crew finished an 8,500 mile journey in a boat made out of 12,500 plastic bottles, the Plastiki. This epic adventure was designed to draw attention to the 4 billion pounds of trash (most of it plastic) that are dumped in the world’s oceans each year.

As fearless as he is audacious, David is one of the world’s most visible environmental activists and a Green Prophet favorite. By attending events such as the Green Drinks taking place tonight in New York City, he demonstrates a tireless commitment to draw attention to the oceans as well as other important issues.

Tonight’s Green Drinks event will take place from 8pm to midnight and will feature a speech from David, a silent auction, dancing, and a fair trade chocolate room.

David will be introduced by another well-known eco-warrior, Fabien Cousteau. Son of the famous Jacques Cousteau, Fabien has made his own mark as a respected aquatic filmmaker and oceanographic explorer.

According to the Green Drinks promotion material:

The silent auction presents a great chance for some last minute Christmas gifts with items ranging from eco home-ware to an IWC Pilot’s Watch and a Bikini bootcamp break – just what you need for a post holiday detox! And even better, the proceeds will go towards the Algalita Marine Research Foundation which is dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its watersheds through research, education, and restoration.

David is also one of several noted adventurers in the running to become National Geographic Explorer of 2010. Others include the 17 year old girl Jessica Watson who sailed the world and ten year old Matt Moniz, who scaled the highest points of 50 American states in just 47 days. If he’s your favorite explorer, you can vote for him here.

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4 thoughts on “David de Rothschild To Speak At NYC Green Drinks Tonight”

  1. Matt Moniz says:

    Tafline – No problem!! Yes we did have a day when we completed more than one state in a day, our record for a day was six states. Happy Holidays!

  2. J. Mule says:

    At least there is one Rothschild who is following in the footsteps of his ancestors. I taught my daughter that the brightly colored butterflies and bugs are more dangerous — something the likes of Miriam Rothschild brought to our attention. Keep up the good work, David.I’ll be keeping tabs on the Algalita Marine Research Foundation –marine life means so much to us in the Philipines.

  3. Matt – I’m sorry, and thanks for the corrections. That means you must have been in more than one state in a day.

  4. Matt Moniz says:

    Congratulations David – I’m inspired. I saw the movie “Bag it” about the all the terrible impact plastic is having on our environment – no more plastic bags or water bottles for me. Thank you for bringing attention to this big problem. Now another important note – I’m 12 years old not 10! Also, we completed in 43 days not 47 – but thank you anyway for the nice mention! Good luck to all the Adventurers of the Year. Matt Moniz

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