Green Abu Dhabi Art Show Aims to Paint the Town Green

abu dhabi green art showThe Green Abu Dhabi Art Show will soon be using one of the world’s universal languages – art – to spread the message of environmentalism.

The color green will have a different artistic meaning at the Green Abu Dhabi Art Show starting this Wednesday (October 13th).  Instead of referring  to the artists’ color palettes, it will apply to their environmental intentions.  The three week exhibition will focus on educating the community about the environment and sustainability, and summon the whole UAE to “paint the town green”.

abu dhabi green artFive emerging artists will participate in the exhibition, curated by Indian artist Suhail Jashanmal.  Jashanmal said about the artists and their joint mission in the Green Abu Dhabi Art Show that:

“Five emerging artists from Abu Dhabi have been selected this year. All five represent different ethnicities, share different perspectives and different goals are reflected in their work. The important thing is that over six to eight months they were presented with a challenge – to create new work within a certain curatorial statement or paradigm on the environment and sustainable development. And then, we worked together to mould their work into one consistent message for the public. There were guidelines – their work had to be fresh and original and needed to possess the artist’s unique style. Their work had to tie-in with our message.”

The exhibition aims to become an annual community event that eventually works its way up from a grassroots level with schools to the highest levels of decision making in the UAE.

abu dhabi green art show

Community events will go hand-in-hand with the exhibition, including a mangrove clean-up in Abu Dhabi, community art auctions in both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and a painted tiles mural created by kids in Abu Dhabi schools. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of artwork and merchandise at the exhibition will also be donated to WWF-EWS, the Future Center of Abu Dhabi, and the Sharjah Humanitarian City.

The Abu Dhabi Green Art Show will take place at the Emirates Heritage Club in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi from October 13th.  Visit the show’s website for more information.

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: Green Abu Dhabi

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