Dead Sea Herbs Offers Organic and Biblically Inspired Cosmetics

dead sea herbs organicDead Sea Herbs resurrects ancient Hebrew medicine practices to keep your skin beautiful.

Sometimes, with our abundance of tools and technological devices that make modern living easier, we forget that somehow people got along just fine without them a few generations ago.

It may be hard to imagine how our parents ever went to school without computers, or how our grandparents survived without the internet.

But not all change is good.  A few generations ago, our loved ones also got by without nasty preservatives or parabens pervading the products that they used daily and lived life a little more naturally.

Inspired by ancient Hebrew medicine practiced in the ancient land of Israel (and particularly in the Judean desert), Dead Sea Herbs offers a return to the  practices of our ancestors with their lines of organic cosmetics, pain relief salves and healing teas.

Due to the Judean desert’s unique location at the meeting point of the European, Asian and African continents, it is endowed with a rich natural diversity and is endowed with a particularly large amount of medicinal plants.  (Check out the clip below to learn more about Dead Sea Herbs.)

The company’s cosmetic products are 100% natural and organic, non animal tested, and contain many of these unique Middle Eastern herbs.  The Meshi (from the Hebrew word “silk”) evening serum (in the organic facial set kit), for example, contains olive oil from trees grown in desert conditions, geranium, myrtle, and wormwood macerated in olive oil.

The Aviv (from the Hebrew word for “spring”) cleansing solution contains fennel.

Other local herbs that Dead Sea Herbs uses (as inspired by ancient Hebrew medicine practices) include Artemisia judaica, which grows in the southern Negev desert and treats skin problems, and Origanum dayi, which grows exclusively in the Judean desert and Trans-Jordan hills and is a mild anti-bacterial.


The teas sold by Dead Sea Herbs make use of local herbs as well, with properties that treat a variety of physical conditions such as insomnia, hyperactivity, stress, digestion difficulties, headaches, muscular pains, and high blood pressure.

In its description of itself, the company says that in these stressful times they are “helping people to cope by offering products for health and relaxation.”

Maybe older methods of doing things – be they inspired by ancient Hebrew medicine or as recently as your grandmother – are not so bad after all.

To buy some of these products visit the Dead Sea Herbs website.

:: Dead Sea Herbs

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