Junktion’s upcycling sale for the holidays

wooden-shade-chairsA Clearance sale and the approaching High Holidays provide good excuses to check out Junktion Studio’s upcycled, recycled, unique designs.

The Jewish High Holidays are coming up in just a couple of weeks, and for some of us this is a traditional time to exchange gifts. In Israel these gifts often come in the form of useful things for around the home, but how many hand towels or soap dishes or trivets does one really need?

How about mixing up your Rosh Hashanah gift giving this year?  If you must give a material gift, how about a funky, upcycled design one? Thankfully, Junktion Studio in Tel Aviv is having a clearance sale just in time.

bicycle-chairs-junktionIn case you’re not familiar with Junktion and its work, it is one of a handful of design studios in Tel Aviv that works with upcycled materials (or, less poetically, with “junk”). Founded just two years ago, Junktion has already made a name for itself.

gas cannister upcycled junktion

As the Junktion designers say, they like to “give a second chance to what the city has already classified as junk. Junktion people take everyday objects out of context, sometimes attaching them to others, unrelated, and at other times just turn them upside down on the table, take a step back and say: hmmmm…  Junktion people love seeing objects in new ways, stuff that makes us think, stuff that makes us act, stuff that makes us laugh.”

Officially, Junktion is holding a 20 to 50% off sale in order to clear house before moving to a different studio, but we think their sale couldn’t come at a better time.

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Have a Sweet and Green Rosh Hashanah

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  1. The ideas look neat, but not at all comfy for the bum, I think. One would need a serious cushion to cover the wooden shade slats. And the bicycle chair? Safe for men?

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