Merav Feiglin Opens Her Studio As Part of Emek Hefer’s “Open Houses” Festival

merav-feiglin-emek-heferCheck out Merav Feiglin’s Trashlights, mosaics, and other recycled material artwork between August 25th-27th.

When Tel Aviv does something, sooner or later everyone else wants to do it too. For years Tel Aviv has devoted one weekend a year to celebrating its architecture, putting on a “Houses from Within” festival.  (In recent years the festival has spotlighted green architecture as well.) Sure enough, other towns in Israel are catching on and Emek Hefer (located on Israel’s coast between Netanya and Hadera) will have its own “Open Houses” festival at the end of this month, between August 25th-27th.

merav-feiglin-studioThe festival will encompass a variety of events, but one of the most colorful will certainly be Merav Feiglin’s open studio. As you can see from her invitation above, her studio will contain mosaics (such as the homage to Frida Kahlo on the left), cloth dolls, tin objects, artwork made from recycled materials, jewelry, pictures, and mosaic workshops.

If art is not your thing, though, there will be a variety of other events at the festival, some of them eco-themed.

The Utopia Orchid Park will be open on the 25th and 26th between 8:30am and 6pm. (For more information call 09-8782191.)

Ophir Beehives will also be open for those who want to see how honey is made and get a taste of something sweet. (For more information call 04-6251281.)

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