Some Tips to Help Break Your Coffee Habit

coffee-addict-cartoonIf coffee is the only way you can give yourself a kick start, then you need to find a healthier way to start your day

Coffee in the morning is a tradition for many people. Coffee as a pick-me-up during the day is another familiar habit that people rely on; however, there is some point where this custom can become a habit that you want to break. There are many health issues surrounding coffee, but the problem is, like any other addiction, it is not easy to quit.

There is always the option of going cold-turkey, but if you are a big coffee drinker who drinks more than 3 cups a day, you will find this very difficult. Your body will go through withdrawal symptoms starting with headaches and nausea. Depending on how much coffee you consume daily, you may also experience shaking, depression, mood swings and difficulty concentrating.

Your body needs time to adjust to the lack of a regular hit of adrenaline to get through the day. So it is easier to cut down on your coffee intake slowly rather than stopping completely. There are some tips that can help you cut down on coffee, but the basic idea is to slowly regulate your coffee drinking.

Patience is key
Here in the Middle East, patience is not one of the foremost qualities, however when it comes to cutting down coffee consumption, it is helpful. It will take you a few weeks to stop drinking coffee and a few more weeks after that to feel comfortable with your new lifestyle. Bear this in mind before you start, so you don’t expect any quick-fix miracles.

The main idea is to slowly cut down your caffeine intake; one way of doing this is to substitute decaf for caffeinated coffee. This does not mean drinking only decaf, but rather mixing decaf with your regular coffee. Do this for a few days and then make one of your cups of coffee decaf with no caffeinated coffee at all.
girl-choosing-regular-coffee Resist the urge. Go for decaf instead of regular to get your body used to a caffeine-lite life

Keep this system going such that every 3-5 days you substitute one more of your regular cups of coffee for decaf until you are drinking only decaf. There is a small amount of caffeine in decaf so this is a good way not to shock your body with a complete lack of caffeine.

While decaf is a great step, the truth is that having caffeine in it means that you are not letting go of your addiction completely. So another method is to substitute coffee with green tea. There are many great herbal teas which have different effects, including some that can ease the stress your body will go through in the process of quitting coffee.

One relatively simple step which will help you, no matter which way you choose to quit, is to remember to sleep. You need to make sure you are fully rested so that you can cope with your day to day life without needing a boost of energy somewhere in the middle of your day. Cutting down on coffee may seem like a difficult step, but you will appreciate it as your health improves without the crutch of coffee.

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