6 Tips to Cutting Down Stress

bike raceDoes it sometimes feel like you are constantly racing, while life passes by in a blur? There are natural ways to avoid this stress. Image via Stig Nygaard

Rising blood pressure, muscular tension, fraying nerves, trouble sleeping and killer migraines, does this sound like your life? Well, stress is a killer and in today’s modern age we seem to be willing to accept it as a normal part of our lives, especially here in the Middle East where life wouldn’t be complete without it.

It doesn’t have to be part of your daily existence though; there is a natural way of getting rid of stress so you can avoid all the side effects that go with it. Just as much as you can get rid of migraines naturally, there are some simple keys to avoiding stress. Read on for our tips.

1. Cut down on the coffee – So that cup of coffee in the morning is the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, still it should not take the place of any of the major food groups. Caffeine and sugar bring about the release of stress hormones and pump up adrenaline to keep you on your toes, but too much can cause damage. Logically speaking, if you are constantly jazzed by coffee, your body does not have the time to unwind, and you may find yourself anxious and depressed.

2. Exercise – This is the next step and before you try thinking about where you can fit it into your busy schedule, just remember, even a 5-minute walk is beneficial. Doing some form of exercise or sport loosens muscles and releases endorphins which promote a relaxed feeling. If this isn’t enough, it also improves blood circulation which increases brain activity.

3. Stretch and sing – If you insist that exercise doesn’t fit into your daily routine, the very least you can do for your muscles is stretch. Stretching releases cramped muscles and allows your body to relax for those few moments.

Strange as it may seem, singing gives you a larger intake of oxygen which your body needs to help you relax. Stress usually makes people breathe shallow breaths so singing encourages breathing deeply which allows you to calm down.
relax listIs relaxing at the top of your list? Is it even on your list? Maybe you should change that. Image via SashaW

4. Just relax – It is as simple as that. Take relaxation off your list of things-to-do-that-I-don’t-have-time-for, and put it in your life. Actually schedule 15 minutes a day for yourself to relax. Whether it means taking a walk, listening to music, painting or gardening, escaping for a few minutes is beneficial. It gives you a chance to focus on something else, giving your mind a break from your stress-related issues.

5. Soothing oils – At the end of the day give yourself the luxury of a bath or a hot shower and instead of rushing through like you are racing, take your time and let the heat ease the tension in your muscles.

Then try adding lavender or lemon balm oils. These oils are used in aromatherapy for good reason, they impact nervous tension. Try adding it to your bath water, or rubbing some on your skin after your shower.

6. Cup of tea – If oils aren’t really your cup of tea, you might try drinking herbs, an actual cup of tea. Instead of having another cup of coffee, get yourself a cup of herbal tea (also great during pregnancy), which doesn’t have any of the caffeine which keeps your body so wired. The simple act of taking a minute away from your desk, gives you a chance to concentrate on something else, which is in itself a relief.

It is a new lesson for us to learn in this life with a crazy pace. We need to learn how to switch off and relax. This doesn’t mean pretending to read while your mind is really going over your list of things to do tomorrow, it means actually relaxing. It might seem like a small, step to take, but the impacts of a stress-low life are far reaching, so it is worth while trying to incorporate some of these easy steps into your daily life.

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