4 Tips for Relieving Migraines Naturally

migraine barbieEver felt a vice-grip was the only solution to your migraine? Well, there are other natural options out there. Image via Migraine Chick

In today’s day and age, we push ourselves in our stressful lives, barely allowing ourselves a moment’s respite. So the body naturally rebels at this abuse and sends us the mother of all headaches – the migraine. People tend to use these words, headache and migraine, interchangeably, however there are significant differences. While a headache is enough of an annoyance, add to that some of these symptoms: nausea, vision issues, dizziness and sensitivity to light and there you have it, the migraine.

Most people, when they start to feel a migraine coming on, pop a couple of pills, and push through the, forcing themselves to go about their busy lives. We all know that the best defence is a good offence so instead of waiting for the migraine to attack you, why don’t you attack it with a few simple steps.

1. A change in diet

The issue of obesity is only one dietary concern. What many people don’t necessarily realise is that there are certain foods, which can trigger a migraine. Anything related to caffeine isn’t good, add to that dairy products, yeast and highly processed, manufactured foods, such as pickled goods, canned goods as well as soy products.

Try eliminating these items from your daily diet, or at least cutting down. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so what is a trigger for someone else might not be for you. By trial and error you can find what impacts you most and cut it out of your diet.

2. Adding Omega 3

What happens during a migraine, is that the tissue around the brain becomes inflamed and it is this, which causes all the pain and other side effects. Taking Omega 3 daily (V-Pure sells a vegan variety of Omega 3) will reduce the tendency to inflammation and therefore lessen the frequency of your migraines. Like other herbal remedies, it takes time. You will need to take omega 3 for several weeks, with a meal, before you feel an impact.

chiropractor's couchFace down on a chiroprator’s couch, the relief you feel can be intense Image via Alisha V

3. See your local chiropractor

Chiropractors work by adjusting your spine and realigning the vertebrae in your back. This can take away some of the pressure on the spinal chord which can be causing migraines. This also ensures normal blood flow to the brain as well as other areas, which can lessen your migraine symptoms.

4. Lower your daily stress levels

This might seem like an impossibility, especially here in the Middle East where stress and political tension touches everyone’s lives almost daily. It is also, however, one of the key contributors to migraine. Daily stress causes tension in the muscles of your neck, just as much as lack of sleep is also a leading factor.

While all these points can help you reduce the occurrence of migraines, you have to take into account that it will take time. A change in lifestyle is always difficult, but like so many natural methods and products, it is worth it in the end.

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