Nightshades: Vegetables To Be Careful With

Have you ever thought of a potato as possibly harmful? Along with tomato and eggplant it has that potential What do tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant have in common with tobacco? They are all part of the Nightshade family. Many salads call for their use, including the Middle Eastern eggplant dish Baba Ghanoush, however, despite […]


7 New Ways to Use Lemons

Most people consider citrus fruit, such as lemon, a delicious seasoning when it comes to flavouring a salad (like tomato coriander salad), however these fruit are a great deal more versatile than that. The health benefit of lemons and oranges are well known, making them both great additions to a cup of tea. But have […]


Another Name for Sugar – High Fructose Corn Syrup

Would you think that this healthy vegetable could be converted into something unhealthy? When glancing at a list of ingredients, many of the words are not simply unfamiliar but completely unknown to the average consumer. This being the case, checking a list of ingredients seems an almost futile exercise as many of the foods listed […]


The Hidden “Natural” Sugar in Your Food

A list of ingredients is often full of long, complicated words when all you really want to know is: “How much sugar is in this?” We live in an age where consumers are trying to become more health conscious. It is important to control what we eat, including the amount of items like salt and […]


Too Much Salt or Not? 6 Tips for Salt

Salt comes in many forms and has many uses. How many are you aware of? One of the most common features of a set table is the salt shaker sitting neatly next to the pepper grinder. Saltiness is not only one of the basic tastes next to sweetness, bitterness and sourness, it is also one […]


Some Tips to Help Break Your Coffee Habit

If coffee is the only way you can give yourself a kick start, then you need to find a healthier way to start your day Coffee in the morning is a tradition for many people. Coffee as a pick-me-up during the day is another familiar habit that people rely on; however, there is some point […]


It’s Just a Pinch of Salt… Or Is It?

Rock salt, sea salt, table salt, how much salt is in your diet? When it comes to taking care of our diet there are many aspects to consider. Most people are aware of the amount of sugar they eat, or fatty foods, but have you ever stopped to consider your salt intake? Eating too much […]


Sushi, Healthy or Risky – 3 Factors to Consider

Sushi always seemed so healthy, but there are less healthy issues to think about It’s summer, it’s too hot to eat stew or pie, so sushi seems like the perfect idea. It’s filling without being heavy and being made mainly of rice and vegetables it is very healthy. Still you have to remember that there […]


4 New Ways to Have Fun with Watermelon

Ever thought of doing more with your watermelon than simply slicing and dicing? Are you melting in the sticky Middle Eastern summer? Well here is a juicy fruit that is always a favourite, being nice and refreshing, the perfect thing for a summer’s day. There are many reasons for its popularity and not only because […]


Fresh Tomato-Coriander Salad to Spice up Your Summer

A fresh sprig of coriander is so versatile and delicious! I have always found it difficult to differentiate between the various types of green leafy herbs available in the market. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to see the physical differences between basil, thyme, coriander or mint. The taste, on the other hand, is something […]


Detox – Not a Diet, A Way of Life (4 Tips)

Are you as healthy on the inside as the outside? Detox is the answer to internal health Summer, vacation, relaxing, it is not just for you, it is also great to give your body the chance to unwind. We tend to push ourselves too hard throughout the year and then try for the quick fix. Whether […]