Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks Host Green Drinks Iftar Dinner Tomorrow Night

Abu Dhabi’s Eco-Chicks are at it again, this time time with a Ramadan spin.

The Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks have been up to all kinds of good (both green and otherwise), including organizing a Green Drinks event just a few months ago.

Now, in honor of Ramadan, they are hosting a Green Drinks Ramadan Iftar Buffet, complete with traditional foods, refreshments (minus the alcohol) and a live outside performance. In other words, they’re combining the contemporary concept of a “green drinks” event with a traditional Iftar meal in a very cool way.

The Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks, for those who are not familiar with them,  describe themselves as “a group of educated, empowered and eco-minded women.”  Their goals include:

  • Working with the community (and in particular with women and the younger generation) to advocate for environmental and social responsibility through raising awareness of these issues.
  • Supporting women who are currently working and studying in the environmental sector by providing mentorships, information and advice.
  • Having fun while establishing and expanding a network of like-minded women in Abu Dhabi and beyond!

Tomorrow night’s event will meet all three of the Eco-Chicks’ goals, and probably last but not least – the third goal of having fun.  But it is an evening with a cause as well, as 20% of all the entrance fees to the buffet will be donated towards EWS-WWF’s Gulf Turtles Program.  (The proceeds of their last Green Drinks event went towards protecting local marine life.)

The Green Drinks Ramadan Iftar Buffet will take place tomorrow, Thursday August 19th, at The Village Tent at the One to One Hotel.  For more information check out the Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks website.

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