Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks Organize Green Drinks Event

abu dhabi eco chicks green drinksGet your green drinks on in Abu Dhabi tonight with the Eco-Chicks and other eco folks.

If you happen to be passing through the One to One Hotel in Abu Dhabi tomorrow night around 6:30pm, you may stumble across an Abu Dhabi Eco-Chick organized Green Drinks event.  Green Drinks is a loosely organized (yet widely successful) informal meeting group for greenies of all orientations, and has already become popular in Tel Aviv.  It is very exciting to see this movement spreading across the Middle East, and exciting to learn about the active, spunky Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks.

The Eco-Chicks are requesting that Green Drinkers donate 15 AED at the entrance to the event in order to contribute to marine life protection and enter a raffle to win a weekend at the One to One Hotel (where the event is taking place).

So who are these Eco-Chicks?  They describe themselves as a group of educated, empowered and eco-minded women who want to:

  • Work with the community and in particular women and the younger generation to advocate environmental and social responsibility through raising awareness of these issues
  • Support women currently working and studying in the environmental sector by providing information, advice and mentorships
  • Have fun while establishing and expanding a network of other like-minded women in Abu Dhabi and beyond

A recent Eco-Chicks event, which took place in early May, was the operation of a children’s workshop where kids learned that recycling can be fun.  Kids gathered and were shown how to transform newspapers into gift bags, boxes, hats, and toy creatures.  This event, and the Green Drinks event happening tomorrow night, are just a few examples of the good green work these women are doing in the Abu Dhabi community.

Green Drinks, June 3rd at 6:30pm in the One to One Hotel in Abu Dhabi.  For more information visit the Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks website.

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