Rom Farm Brings Organic Goat Cheese to a Table Near You, With Some Help from the Handicapped

Eat delicious organic goat cheese and feel good about helping the handicapped at Rom Farm in the Galilee.

Most organic farms have, at the very least, an environmental conscience.  Many of them believe that not only is organic farming more traditional and more delicious, but better for the planet (and therefore very important).  Not all organic farms, however, have a social conscience to boot.  Rom Farm, located in the Galilee region of Israel and not far from Carmiel, has an abundance of good intentions.  A family-operated farm specializing in organic goat cheeses and yogurts, it is also home to a rehabilitative farm where the handicapped can come daily, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and lend a helping hand.

Founded in 1986 by Amit Rom, the farm sits atop one of the highest mountains in the lower Galilee region – Camon Mountain – and sprawls across a whopping 4000 dunams.  Amit, his wife, and their four children now run the farm and the rehabilitative farm, which was a project that stemmed from their desire to contribute to the community.

The rehabilitative farm enables the handicapped to experience occupational rehabilitation in a natural environment and perform a variety of tasks, such as: trimming trees, caring for the farm’s chickens, ducks, and peacocks, herding sheep, tending to the vegetable garden, and working in the farm’s kitchen.

The rehabilitative farm is open daily from 8:30am to 1pm, and those visiting receive a farm-produced breakfast consisting of fresh cheeses and yogurts, olives, eggs, vegetables, and fresh bread contributed by a nearby bakery.

The farm is also home to a “guest tent” where visitors can participate in various team-building workshops.

For more information about Rom Farm visit the farm’s website.

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