Israel’s Water Industry at Crossroads As Its Head Focuses on Private Venture

Whitewater Group Company, CheckLightThe upcoming months are going to be critical for the success of Israel’s water industry, including Ori Yogev’s Whitewater Group.

Globes is reporting that Ori Yogev has resigned from his position as chairman of the National Economics Council to focus on his water venture, Whitewater Group. Yogev had taken on the advisory role on a voluntary, temporary basis as a favor to PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Yogev,”Israel has become a leading player in the global water industry, and I consider it a great privilege to promote this industry. Whitewater Group is making progress and growing as planned.”

In recent months Yogev has spoken about the continued promise of Israel’s water technology industry, which can be an international leader, and the the growth of the industry in Israel, which is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2011.

Yogev clearly sees this as a pivotal time for the industry and for Whitewater Group, in particular. In a statement he made last month, Yogev said, “The Whitewater Group of companies has made a significant leap in the past year. We are moving from the R&D phase towards international market penetration including China and U.S.A. We are scheduled to meet with customers, representatives, distributers and leaders of the American market at the exhibition in order to extend our activity in the U.S.”

Whitewater Group invests in cutting-edge water technologies and has been aggressive in promoting its companies: Glacon Computerized Control Systems, Whitewater Security, Whitewater Well, and CheckLight.

Women in Water

Whitewater Group was founded by Yogev and Israeli businesswoman Hana Gertler in 2006. Gertler, who owns several successful media ventures, invested about $7.5 million in the company initially. Whitewater Group faces competition from Miya Group. Another company based in Israel, Miya, was founded by Booky Oren and Shari Arison in 2006. The company is backed by Arison’s $100 million Arison Holdings Ltd.


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