What Modern Society Can Learn From a 2,800 Year Old Earthen Water Well


Leading researchers from around the world gathered in Istanbul, Turkey last week to marvel at the sustainability of ancient water conservation methods. Even though World Water Day is behind us, many researchers are looking to our forebears for inspiration to deal with ever present challenges. At the third Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Israel-Jordan Collaboration and 7 More Headlines


Israeli GE winners, water shortage plans, Dead Sea insights and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Israel and Jordan are collaborating on oil pollution combat drills. ETV Motors signed a two-year deal to develop specialty batteries for an aviation company and Israel made its first solar power purchase. For these stories and […]

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Imagine H2O Contest Looking For The Most Promising Water Startups


Imagine H20 is offering $100,000 to the startup with the most promising efficient water treatment technology. Imagine H2O, an organization dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s water problems through an annual contest, recently launched its second annual water competition. Focused on the water-energy nexus this year, the competition is open to startups throughout the […]

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Increase in Water Theft in Jordan Has Broad Implications for Middle East


Thieves divert public water in Jordan for greenhouses and swimming pools. With the Middle East facing a severe water shortage, government efforts to desalinate sea water, regulate usage and prevent waste are being undermined by a growing problem: theft. Thieves have gotten creative about diverting water from public pipes for private or business purposes, bypassing […]

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Agri Projects Offers Liquid Know-How To India


(Monsoons in India channel pollution to potable water sources, contaminating water everywhere.) Monsoons in India are both a blessing and a curse. As the heavy rains pour down, they provide the season’s much-needed water for irrigating crops. But monsoons also wipe out entire villages. They cause mudslides, and contaminate potable water. Diseases fester and spread […]

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Israel's Emefcy and AquaPure Make it into Artemis Top 50 Water Companies


The Jerusalem Post website is reporting that six Israeli companies made it into the water consultancy firm, The Artemis Project’s first Top 50 Water Companies Competition last week. The site, quoting promotional materials, states that the award, “distinguishes advanced water and water-related technology companies as leaders in their trade for helping to build water into one of the great […]

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Seawater Greenhouses in Qatar and Abu Dhabi


Green Prophet loves to find potential everywhere – so how about desert seawater greenhouse construction in Qatar? They are also doing this in Abu Dhabi. What exactly is a desert seawater greenhouse, you might ask? According to the Seawater Greenhouse website: “Seawater Greenhouse is a unique concept which combines natural processes, simple construction techniques and […]

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