"Thirsty for Change" Fashion Show Raises Awareness About Israeli Water Conservation

PopLove’s recycled fashion did a double eco service during “Thirsty for Change” – it got people excited about upcycled design and aware of the need for greater water conservation efforts. [image via: Fashion Snake]

A few weeks ago a fashion show of PopLove’s upcycled couture was paraded down one of the buildings at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzlia in an attempt to raise awareness about the need for water conservation in Israel.  The event, “Thirsty for Change”, was organized by an IDC student, Talya Friedman, as her final seminar project.  The proceeds from the (fun) event were donated to Israel Water Treaty – a local organization that attempts to protect residents’ right to quality water and provide educational programs about water.

“People spend countless hours worrying about what to wear and when it comes to water usage- something that really needs our attention, no one thinks twice about it,” Friedman said.  “Since fashion is something people care about, it’s a great platform for promoting change.”

[image via: Fashion Snake]

Eitan CKeter-Yaakov, CEO of the Israel Water Treaty, spoke at the event about the need for public involvement in water conservation.  “We (the public) need to work with the local authorities to ensure that water remains as a public resource. Our organization has already made the efforts to gain politicians support for a law guaranteeing all citizens the right to water even if they cannot afford it. This is just the beginning though. Public participation in the water sector is a personal responsibility that everyone needs to account for.”

The event organizers said that they hoped the fashion show would remind the public that water is a scarce and necessary resource in order to “act together to prevent water scarcity, so that we can look at the glass half full, rather than half empty.”

To learn more about the cause visit Talya Friedman’s website at Israelgives.org.

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