Azouri Brothers Eco-Tower Planned for Tel Aviv

azouri-brothers-ecotowerThe First Phase of Tel Aviv’s first “Green” high rise to be completed in January [image via]

Although the Middle Eastern sustainable development agenda lags behind the western world, several recent developments and innovations demonstrate that we can keep pace. Studied Impact in Dubai has designed a renewable power plant that is fit for living, and So’ Eco is spreading their green building skills,married with social equality, throughout Syria, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

These initiatives reflect a willingness to join the global commitment to restore environmental damage while drawing urban dwellers back to the earth. Does the Azouri brothers’ eco-tower in Tel Aviv express Israel’s maturing eco-consciousness?

Israel’s First Eco-Tower

Planning officials recently authorized the Azouri brothers’ plan for their 20-story “eco-tower” to be built on Hamasger Street for NIS 200 million ($51.83 million USD).

The high rise will have all the fixings of the most progressive buildings: solar panels on the roof to generate energy, potentially a wind-turbine, filtered fresh air with 6 air conditioning units as opposed to just one, and online climate control that will be monitored in real time, according the Ronen Azouri speaking at a press conference.

Maximum Green Potential

Designed by architect Keren Yedvub, the eco-tower will be built with materials that have “maximum green potential,” including recycled materials. In addition, on-site recycling facilities will be available to tenants, as well as access to 2 botanical gardens.

In order to save energy, according to Azouri, it is essential to insulate well. To this end, they will use dble silver sn62 glass which permits roughly 12% more sunlight than regular glass while deflecting 25% more heat.

“If we provided green leafy atriums for clients in the past, now we are focused on green buildings,” Azouri said, adding that the project is not just about business, but also reveals the team’s values.

According to Guy Battle, a UK green consultant on the project, a sustainability ethos has become the mainstream, and that increasingly organizations are submitting corporate sustainability reports to prove their green values.

Back to Nature

What’s fundamental about green building is not the energy or carbon savings, though that’s important. It’s making the link between environment, the quality of place and the people,” he declared. Studies have shown that people in green buildings are more efficient and more productive, he said.

Expected  to be completed in January, the initial phase of the development project, which strives for either Silver or Gold LEED standards, is already sold out. Clients include John Bryce Technical College and Mercedes. By “branding themselves green,” both the College and Mercedes are throwing up their hands in the global wave.

Though the eco-tower will only achieve a 25-30% energy savings, Battle says that “it’s important to remember that the green-building revolution will come in stages. This is a good first stage for Israel.”

:: Jerusalem Post

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