Abu Dhabi Hospital Sets Green Example with Newborn Babies

Green babies are being born all over the UAE.  Coming soon to a hospital near you? [image via: Gulf News]

When it comes to setting green patterns, there is no doubt that it is better to create eco-friendly habits early in life.  No different than other forms of education, or even good habits such as eating healthy, being “green” with your baby or young child can teach them how to be responsible adults.  It also shows that you care about their future, and want them to have a healthy planet to thrive on.  A few months ago, the Abu Dhabi Corniche Hospital started an initiative across several hospitals in the United Arab Emirates to encourage mothers to use eco-friendly products for their newborn babies.

Karthick Prasanna, the Senior Operations Manger at Corniche Hospital, said that “focusing on newly born babies will help us create an eco-friendly environment that will encourage mothers to use alternative eco-friendly products and baby food, which is part of the hospital’s 2010 to 2011 eco-friendly vision.”

The campaign was originally launched by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) in celebration of Earth Day.  The campaign consisted of exposing the new mothers in the hospitals to eco-friendly suppliers who spoke to them about cutting down on waste and using reusable cloth diapers.

(Our own Eco-Mum Sophie will tell you, of course, that cloth nappies reign and are definitely the way to go.)

In addition, over 100 eco-friendly onesies were given out (and you can see some youngsters modeling them in the photo above).

The mothers also had opportunities to learn about organic baby food products from local vendors.

:: Gulf News

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