GoEco on a Volunteer Eco-Tourism Adventure in Israel

Be an alternative tourist with one of GoEco‘s volunteer eco-tourism programs this summer.

Earlier this week we wrote about an alternative to the normal ways of spending the summer, in the form of an eco-touristic organic goat cheese farm in northern Israel.  Good for your tummy and good for the environment, that’s definitely one of the more delicious eco-tourism options out there.  But for those of you who really like to get your green thumbs dirty, there are many volunteer eco-tourism programs operated in Israel – many of which are organized by GoEco.

Founded in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan  Tal (who both have degrees in Environmental and Geographical Studies), GoEco has pioneered bringing the concept of volunteer tourism to Israel.  Gilben says of GoEco‘s mission that “we believe in giving tourists the opportunity to get involved with the communities they visit.”

GoEco is operating a variety of programs in Israel this summer, ranging in length from 1-8 weeks and starting mostly around late June or early July.  Their programs include:

  • Ecotourism Development in Nazareth: improve eco-tourism in Nazareth
  • Summer Wildlife Adventure: volunteer on a wildlife preserve in the Arava desert
  • Desert Eco Lodge: practice green living at an eco lodge in the Arava desert
  • Summer Cultural Adventure: assist Nazareth community with eco-development projects
  • Long Term Wildlife Program: help a conservation team re-populate a nature reserve
  • Jerusalem Biblical Zoo: care for unique animals and endangered species
  • Kibbutz Lotan Eco Volunteer Program: learn from experts in sustainable living
  • Peace & Environment Gap Year: promote peace and eco-tourism in a variety of locations
  • Mountain Eco Lodge: volunteer at Nimrod Eco Lodge near Mt. Hermon
  • Mountain Lodge Family Retreat: volunteer as a family at Nimrod Eco Lodge
  • Kibbutz Lotan Eco Family Program: volunteer as a family at Kibbutz Lotan
  • Kibbutz Art Village: learn sustainable techniques for maintaining an art village in central Israel
  • Desert Eco Building: help building an eco village in the desert
  • Coral Reef Conservation: help with a coral reef conservation project in the Red Sea

For more information about the programs, their lengths, and to register please visit the GoEco website.

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