Abu Dhabi Municipality Launched Successful Paper-Less Day Campaign

Abu Dhabi City Municipality teaches its employees how to reduce consumption on Paper-Less Day. [image via: hunflickr]

Generally known worldwide as bureaucratic, red tape repositories for paper forms, municipalities do not have the most eco-friendly reputation when it comes to paper consumption.  (In fact, some environmentalists may claim that all those paper forms are wasteful and unsustainable.)  So a couple weeks ago the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City decided to take its green reputation into its own hands by staging a “Paper-Less Day”.

The Paper-Less Day included an educational campaign and informative presentations attended by the municipality staff in order to promote environmentally and socially responsible use of natural resources, such as paper.

The campaign’s goals were to:

  • Educate employees about the importance of reducing paper consumption
  • Transform the municipality offices into eco-friendly spaces
  • Curb greenhouse gas emissions resulting from excessive paper use
  • Advocate for a change in employee attitudes towards paper conservation

This was not the first ecological campaign launched by the municipality.  The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has previously launched other campaigns to promote the recycling of paper, plastic and metal waste.

Salah Awad Al Sarraj, the Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector at the municipality said that “participation in the campaign stems from the Municipality’s values to conserve the environment and nature, and its commitment towards future generations through setting an example to be emulated in making utmost efforts to improve the quality and standard of living in Abu Dhabi city. The process of recycling paper, plastic and metal at the main buildings of the Municipality has been completed through providing custom-made containers at various locations to facilitate the sorting of waste, and the Municipality has also contracted with a specialized agency to recycle these wastes in an environment-friendly manner.”

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