United Nations Call for a Nuclear Free Middle East to Stop Iran

nuclear reactor middle east illustrationThe UN’s Security Council pushes for a nuclear-free Middle East, a good idea for people and the environment. Image via davidsommerfeld.

What Happens to the Environment in a Nuclear Middle East as well as on the dangers of building nuclear reactors in countries like Jordan and Egypt are articles we’ve delved into in the past. Even one was written dealing with the ramifications of  a possible vaccine against the effects of nuclear radiation.

But now, a lot of hype is being given in regards to trying the make the Middle East a nuclear free zone, as reported in the Jerusalem Post last week. And these new proposals, backed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, Great Britain, France, Russia, and the USA, appear to be expressing concern over the ongoing nuclear program of Iran. We think the results of such a ban could be good for the over all health of the Middle East. 

“We are committed to a full implemented of the 1995 NPT resolution on the Middle East and we support all ongoing efforts to this end,” the statement read. “We are ready to consider all relevant proposals in the course of the Review Conference in order to come to an agreed decision aimed at taking concrete steps in this direction.”

One does not need to read between the lines to figure out that a nuclear weapon free Middle East must also include another country – Israel. Arab leaders in Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, and even Iran are demanding that Israel agree to fully divulge its nuclear program and become a signed member to the 1995 nuclear proliferation treaty resolution dealing with the Middle East.

Ahmadinejad on ABC interview. Nukes for friendly uses?

The implications of such requests are obvious in that countries like Iran, whose leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had the chutzpa to show up at the UN last week to “warn” the world body about Israel’s nuclear threat!

But let’s put the subject of nuclear armament aside for the moment, and consider the possibilities of nuclear contamination or even catastrophe should a nuclear power plant built in a country like Jordan next to their resort and port city of Aqaba (and next door to Israel’s city of Eilat).

The results could be a reactor leak or an actual meltdown as happened at Chernobyl in April, 1986. The results of such an occurrence could be nothing less terrifying than a “dirty bomb”.

As for Mr. Ahmadinejad’s remarks at both the U.N. and during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America,  he isn’t making any friends on that side of world, for sure.

It’s doubtful that Israel is planning to “come clean” and sign any nuclear non-proliferation treaty any time soon. But neither is Iran for that matter. And in regards to building nuclear reactors “for peaceful purposes,” with all the sunshine available in this part of the world, perhaps renewable energy projects make a lot more sense. They are definitely safer and more environmentally friendly than the safest nuclear reactor.

For this reason in particular, a nuclear-free Middle East makes a lot of sense.

::Jerusalem Post

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9 thoughts on “United Nations Call for a Nuclear Free Middle East to Stop Iran”

  1. Maurice says:

    I appreciate all of the comments made on my article so far – except for one (and you can well imagine which one I am referring to).

    A nuclear free Middle East, and world for that matter, is an ideal goal for humanity. But unfortunately, this will not be a foreseeable goal in the near future anyway.

    When one mentions the word hypocrisy, the idea that a country like Iran is advocating a nuclear free Middle East is absurd, especially when they are going “gung ho” towards developing a nuclear program that could include nuclear weapons.

    And finally, if you, Ms. Haman happen to be Jewish, you should be ashamed of yourself for your comments. History has proven time and again that the worst anti-Semites have been Jews themselves!

  2. Esfandiar says:

    UN will be a lot more successful in its call for to free Middle East from Nuclear race if they simply demand Israel to disarm itself from nuclear arsenal.

  3. Soraya Ulrich says:

    The narrow focus and lack of information of the author is regrettable. Why would a nuclear accident in Jordan or any other country be more catastrophic than Israel’s aged reactor which is not subject to inspections? Why does the writer believe that nuclear reactors are only used for energy? Nuclear energy program would result in the development and nurturing of new and unprecedented capabilities for building technological infrastructures, as well as the cross-fertilization and diversion of nuclear-related know-how, research, and development into other industries and branches of science, such as medicine and agriculture. Recently, due to a Canadian nuclear reactor that produces medical isotopes used to diagnose and treat cancer and cardiovascular disease, patients in Canada, U.S. and other countries had their tests and treatment postponed. Perhpas next time more research should be done before writing.

  4. Sid Badakhsh says:

    President Ahmadinejaad’s proposal on a nuclear free Middle East points to the elimination of nuclear weapons in the entire Middle East which includes Israel. As he indicated in his speech at the U.N “Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None! Just putting pressure on Iran will not solve the problem. In addition, if all nations really cooperated with each other and spend more time researching in the nuclear field, Nuclear reactors for producing electricity could become much safer than they are today. The policy adopted and followed by the Western countries is selfish, counter productive, and unfair and will never be acceptable to truly free countries of the world.

  5. Hamid Zangeneh says:

    Nuclear free ME is a good idea, as a matter of fact it is a great idea.

    Get Israel to join the NPT and allow IAEA inspecting all its facilities to give the rest a peace of mind, first. I am sure every other country in the ME would follow suit immediately.

    But passing a resolution just to make Iran look bad is not only unjust, its is not workable. In the very worst case, Iran could drop out out of the NPT regime and let the world scramble for a new useless resolution.

    How many did the SC pass against Israel. Did they change her behavior?

    No one wants to spend billions of dollars of their hard earned foreign currencies on something that is, for all practical purposes, useless. It cannot be used unless they are our of their minds.

  6. MathewH says:

    What hypocrisy. Iran was the first country who called for a nuclear free zone Middle East since 1974. Its repeated calls for a nuclear free zone have fallen on deaf ears of nations including the United Nations. Now the UN wants to stop Iran from exactly what? From pursuing its inalienable right to a peaceful nuclear program under the NPT? To force Iran to stop nuclear enrichment again a right guaranteed to her under the NPT?

    Iran is in total compliance with the NPT and any argument to the contrary is false and baseless. Furthermore, if the P5+1 and UN are trying to use such arguments to prevent Iran and other developing countries to have access to nuclear energy and technological know-how, while a group of powers continue to increase their lethal arsenals, they should understand that those days are over.

    The UN not only has to call for a nuclear free zone in the Middle East but it most demand that Israel sign the NPT, and complies with every single inspection that Iran has been subjected to.

    By the way the comment about why Iran is not foregoing its nuclear program and replace it with solar should be quite obvious to those asking this question.

    Iran already has pursued alternative sources of energy: solar, wind, geothermal etc… However, as the experts should know, no country will totally turn to any of these alternative sources when the price far exceeds other sources of energy.

  7. Daniel says:

    It is preposterous if not outright laughable for the UN to now call for a nuclear free Middle East in order to “stop Iran” when the very first country to ever make such a proposal was Iran itself back in 1974. A call that has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears largely, if not solely, because of Israel’s stockpile of nuclear weapons.

  8. Esther Haman says:

    Zionists say “There is nothing new here, and no reason for a change of direction on our part,”. Well, It seems to work for them to have an umbrella to committee all sorts of atrocities such as the one reported by the UN in the “Goldstone” report.

    Then they have the audacity to say “”We don’t really like this matter {nuclear free zone in the Middle East}, but is there anything to fear, really? I don’t think so,” Israel Michaeli of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission said”. So, If there is nothing to fear then why the Zionists don’t sign the NPT or even better, why even have 200+ A-bombs in the first place?! It is very clear that they want the neighboring countries to fear them and not to fight the Zionists aggressions.

    The Pakistanies have had 120 nuclear tipped missiles for the last 15 years and they have large population of Taliban and Al-Quida in their country, which enjoys a good relationship with them. So, why that radical Sunni country with all that nuclear weapon is NOT considered a threat to the rogue Zionist stae? Iran does not even have a operational nuclear reactor yet!

    These propaganda and scare tactics will not hide the truth and Iran phobia will not help the Zionists to get them out of the two state peace treaty with the Palestinians. It has back fired on them so far.

    The night is still young.

  9. Mohssin says:

    Luv to know what the bullies of the west are doing to countries like Iran, Iraq Afghanistan etc.. For Americans to think that peoplle believe what thesay about Iran…they better think again. Its just that third world/developing countries cannot do much about such lies. It is thereefore best to toe the American Line.

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