Israeli Food Chemist Answers Nutrition Questions Online

Is olive oil really the healthiest fat, and why? Is it true that red wine has healing properties? And – must we (groan) exercise every day, really?

These simple questions deserve good answers. We know that organic food from sustainable sources is best for you and the planet. Now you can also hear Dr. Zohar Kerem of the Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment questions about healthy eating, online.

Often we come across articles trumpeting newly-discovered health properties in foods we’ve always taken for granted. Oats lower cholesterol! Pumpkin seeds cure anything! We wonder what the truth is. We have always thought that eating seeds will make a vine grow in our stomachs.

But science is re-discovering what folk wisdom has known for centuries: the closer to nature our food, the healthier our bodies will be. It was a pleasure to watch Dr. Kerem explain the health properties of olive oil, red wine, and other foods in this short video:

Eat, and be healthy!

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