"Float" For the Dead Sea This Thursday

Charlene Harden on vacation in Israel floats at the Dead Sea photoActivists from “Save Our Sea” float and host concert to alert public about dying Dead Sea.

A day after the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, grassroots activists from the Israeli side of the Dead Sea aim to drum up awareness about the pathetic state of the natural wonder of the world. A new organization called Save Our Sea is planning a “float” out and concert on the Dead Sea shores so that the public knows how much is at stake with the Dead Sea dying.

If nothing is done now, the Dead Sea will continue to drop a meter a year and then “settle into a dense mass of mostly salt in the next 50 years if nothing is done to save it,” reports Ehud from the Jerusalem Post. While plans to save the Dead Sea are being looked at like the Red Dead Canal or the Friends of the Earth Middle East’s plan to return water to the Jordan River, action is needed now, urges Save Our Sea’s three founders.

One of them is Graham Lubin: “We are trying to make a human point, not a political point. Thousands come to the sea for health reasons, and there’s a lot of passion about its demise,” Lubin said.

Starting at 4:30 Pm at Ein Bokek beach meet Lubin and friends for a solidarity float, and then a free concert. “It always amazes me that we’ve got this amazing body of water, which is used by industry, for tourism, and healing. Yet [the people who visit] seem to be oblivious to what is going on, or they just don’t care,” he said with dismay.

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  1. Patricia Kloosterman says:

    Between my two girls you can save the world!!

  2. Patricia Kloosterman says:

    I said it years ago that buying drinking water especially in North America where water is plentyful is downright “sinful”

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