Book Your Tickets for the Arava Institute's Ultimate Trans-Boundary Middle East Eco Tour This Winter

Want to tour Israel, Palestine and Jordan in the ultimate eco trip? [image via: Marcelo Ruiz]

Now that the spring holidays are mostly behind us, you may be looking ahead to plan your winter holiday.  If you’re an eco tourist, interested in becoming an eco tourist, a fan of cross cultural activity or just a Middle Eastern afficionado, we’ve got a suggestion for you.  The Arava Institute’s Trans-Boundary Eco Tour.

The tour, which will take place between December 26-31, 2010, is the first of its kind and is being organized by the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES) – one of the Middle East’s premier environmental research and teaching programs.

In an effort to make the tour explanations (as well as the tour sites) trans-boundary, the tour will be guided by co-leaders Dr. Clive Lipchin, who is Israeli, and Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed, who is Palestinian.  Tour participants will visit important sites in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian West Bank.

“Clive and Tareq, recognized researchers and teachers in the environmental sciences, bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to our Eco-Tour participants,” said David Lehrer, Director of the Arava Institute.  “It’s their ability to clearly explain the environmental complexities and challenges facing the Mideast today that make this trans-boundary tour a truly unique experience.”

Specific sites to be visited during the tour include Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Amman, the Dead Sea, the Hula Valley, the Sea of Galille, Jerusalem, and the Arava Institute itself.

Only forty people will be taken on this special tour, with approximately half of the spots already taken up.  If you’re interested, sign up quick!

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