Holyland and Israel’s Commons, The Government’s Song

israel army base iaf air force construction projectA real estate scandal in Jerusalem reveals Israel’s government’s dangerous stance on the privatization of land development, and use of open spaces, Yosef argues.

As the Israeli press reveals one new real estate scandal after another including but not limited to the Holyland complex in Jerusalem, the ease with which “developers” were able to purchase zoning clearances through the payment of bribes from leading public officials continues to stun the society. In an article in Haaretz (April 22, 2010, p. 11), Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is reported to have commented on both the scandals and pending government legislation to further liberalize the approval process for building projects by stating:

“It is very important to remove bureaucratic barriers and to make the planning and building process faster and more efficient. That’s exactly what we have done with the proposed legislation to reform planning and building procedure.”

The comments reveals much about the government’s ideological commitments to resource use in the country, part of the general “reform” instituted by Israeli governments since the first Likud-led government came to power in 1977. The party and its allies advocate the predominance of the free market system (see the Likud’s Economic Outlook). In its grand rush to privatize land use in Israel, the government now seeks to further enable free market forces to wrest control of the country’s land resources for private development.

The legislation is not without opposition within the Netanyahu government. In a speech delivered at the Green Globe Awards (given by the Israeli environmental umbrella organization Life and Environment) ceremony on Earth Day (April 22, 2010), Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan was reported to have said that the intended legislation was “a complete violation of the balance between development and the need to conserve the environment. If it passes in its present format, we can expect to have lots of ‘Holylands’” (as reported in Haaretz, April 23, 2010, p.1).

With “Holylands” already coming right and left, it is clear that the free market reform already instituted is not safeguarding Israel’s land-based resources. Among the suspected bribe takers are stewards at the highest levels of the Israel Lands Administration, as well as the senior politicians noted in the press.

Israelis have a knack for doing all things, constructive and less so, better than others and the current government seeks to epitomize the approach to natural resources that have failed elsewhere: privatize, give market forces free rein thereby allowing the elephants to feed themselves and the sparrows will enjoy the crumbs.

This free market approach reached its apex with the American mortgage crisis of 2008-2009 which triggered the global recession. US banks were grandly able to do their own bidding unimpeded by oversight agencies and sold mortgages for a song, passing on the debt until the system collapsed. The Obama administration is seeking to put mechanisms in place to limit the liberty with which financial institutions can engage in such activities. The Bank of Israel also seeks to limit the chicaneries of the country’s banks and the tycoons that own them.

The Netanyahu regime with Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz as its economic spearhead is bent on liberating the market system from any impediment — social, institutional, environmental as well as economic — in order to make the country as safe as possible for the private sector.

So intent is Steinitz in coddling to private interests that he recently bitterly criticized the Supreme Court for halting the start of operations at a high-tech private prison. Steinitz contended that by so doing the judiciary was acting against the country’s economic interests. Quite explicitly, Steinitz identifies the country’s interest with those of its plutocrats, in this case Lev Leviev of the Africa Israel real estate conglomerate, that built the prison, now a white elephant.

Not at the expense of open spaces, say the greens

Israeli environmental activists have been resisting the free marketers’ attempt to make further inroads on the country’s ecologically sensitive areas and open spaces including stretches of the country’s shoreline and beaches (most notably the struggle against the building of a hotel complex at the Palmachim beach Near Rishon LeZion.

There are numerous other cases of developers riding roughshod over the country’s open spaces — include one within walking distance of this writer’s home near Nahal Halilim, outside of Jerusalem. At the mouth of the wadi a developer intends to build a complex of thirty villas, a country club and a second shopping center all on the most congested site in Mevasseret Tzion, a residential community. The district planning commission has given the developer permission to build the project. A citizens’ group has gone to court to stop the development, which will cause serious harm to the environmental reserve and aggravate existing urban ills if implemented.

The government’s intended legislation is intended to ease the ability of private concerns to erect such projects in the name of building a “strong” economy and enable unchecked private enterprise. Such policy, which the Netanyahu government and its supporters in the private sector are intent on imposing effectively elevates private interests to the rank of national priorities. By so doing it acts to entrust the national commons of this resource-poor land to speculation and profiteering adorned in the bunting of state imperative. The interests of the society and the welfare of the environment stand in stark contradiction to the retrograde policy, a speedway to ruin.

There are, of course, alternatives to the free market approach to development including many that involve citizen participation and environmental protection. It is up to blue-and-white greens to put this on the public’s agenda — before the country becomes the private domain of capital interests.

Dr. Yosef Gotlieb, a geographer, wrote Development, Environment and Global Dysfunction (1996). He is on the faculty of David Yellin College in Jerusalem.

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Above image: another Israeli army base, this time for the air force. Image via europedistrict

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  1. joel says:

    But thanks to our government we can’t even build a house.
    By the why it’s a nice article

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