Time to Adapt to Climate Change

Climate change is here and it looks like there is no way back. Scientists and policymakers are increasing concerned about extreme weather and climate events. These include extended waves of abnormally hot or cold weather, unseasonal temperatures, changes in precipitation and wind patterns, along with more dramatic occurrences like unprecedented blizzards, cyclones sudden downpours, sudden […]

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Reporting On Poverty and Sustainability from the Rehovot Conference

The relationship between poverty and environmental degradation is a major impediment to sustainability. Specialists from throughout the world gathered for the Rehovot Conference in Israel to discuss sustainable development initiatives. The inherent connection between development and environmental concerns was a major theme of the 2010 Rehovot Conference organized by the Weitz Center for Development Studies […]

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Biodiversity Is In Peril: Thought Leaders Appeal for Change at Desert Conference


Dr. Gotlieb reports from the the Drylands, Deserts and Desertification Conference in Israel – an event drawing hundreds from ten countries. With a species extinct every 20 minutes the problem is more severe than we might think. Dire predictions, and new approaches, described the tenor of presentations made during the opening day of the Drylands, […]

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A Story About the Elephants and Sparrows of Israeli Society


Twenty families own most of the “free” economy in Israel: a recent report points to disturbing trends concerning class and society. Dr. Gotlieb sees fault in the free market policies that injure people and the environment. In his comments on Israel’s invitation join to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) last May, Prime Minister […]

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International Geographers Explore the West Bank in Search of Common Ground


Following a site visit conducted as part of a meeting of geographers at Ben-Gurion University last week, Dr. Gotlieb reflects on how appropriate technology, bottom-up planning and goodwill are prerequisites to resolving conflict. For an international group of geographers, a visit to what is  known variously as Judea and Samaria, the West Bank – of […]

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Political Geographers Discuss Borders and Conflict

“Borders, Territory and Conflict in a Globalizing World” was the theme at a conference held in Israel.  Experts deliberated on ethnicity, power relations and technology. Dr. Gotlieb emphasizes that such issues  must be linked to the environment. The conference engaged specialists from Europe, the US, India, Canada, Russia, Israel and elsewhere on a variety of […]

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"The Deep" Exhibition Focuses on the Planet’s Rarest Life Forms


The Deep, now at The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem offers a rare glimpse into the biological bounty of the planet’s oceans. Image © Claire Nouvian A visit to The Deep, an exhibition now appearing at Jerusalem’s Bloomfield Science Museum is an educational foray into the planet’s least known repository of biological resources. Instituted in commemoration […]

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Israel’s Oil Tycoons Seek Higher Ground: New Challenge for Social Greens


Israel’s offshore oil resource are larger than previously thought, pitting the state against oil tycoons defying demands for a larger public share of oil revenues. In the context of fossil fuel-induced climate change, does the development of petroleum resources have any justification at all? Last week, a consortium including the American energy corporation Noble Energy […]

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Climate Change Denial and the Climate of Fear


Dr. Gotlieb comments on the attempts by economically and politically interested parties to obscure the climate change debate. Scientists are “street fighting” the demagoguery in prestigious journals, like Nature. There is a mean spirit blowing — and its not a sirocco out of the Maghreb. The issue began brewing around the time of the ill-fated […]

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Gore’s Clarion Call


Yosef Gotlieb, educator and writer, opines on critics of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Image via asterdata. In a meticulously reasoned essay appearing on the Opinion page of the March 1, 2010 edition of the International Herald Tribune (New York Times, Feb 28), Al Gore succeeds in disarming and discrediting the champions of climate change skepticism. […]

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