Enviromena Solar Company Awarded Enviro Prize, and Busts Arab Stereotypes

enviromena solar energy awardArab solar energy company gets awarded for its sustainable vision in Beirut, Lebanon.

They sealed a $15 million round of financing this year; now Abu Dhabi’s solar developer Enviromena Power Systems (“Enviromena”) won the “Sustainable Development of the Environment Award” at the Takreem Arab Achievement Awards held in Beirut last month.

Hosted by Al Jazeera’s star Laila Al-Shaikhli, in Beirut, the awards were to honor achievements in the Arab world. Presented at a gala dinner of over 500, the winners met with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman the following day, and included Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (who we met 2 months ago) on the jury committee as well as former United Nations Secretary General  Boutros Butros-Ghali.

Enviromena’s CEO Sami Khoreibi was happy to say in a press announcement: “As the only UAE company to be selected for an award, we are particularly pleased to represent both Abu Dhabi and the UAE and wish to thank our investors, management team and the Abu Dhabi Government for their progressive Green initiatives which have helped create the marketplace we operate in.”

Ricardo Karam, founder of the awards explained the concept behind the awards ceremony as a means to dispel negative myths about the Arab world: “The awards are an important tool in dispelling Arabic stereotypes and instilling a sense of pride in the achievements of the Arabic culture, our people and the companies that operate within it. Enviromena is an extremely deserving recipient and through their projects plays an active role in the wide scale implementation of sustainable development across the Gulf.”

Other winners included Nahida Nakad for the “Arab Woman of the Year” award.

For Enviromena, the award is icing on the cake. In the last year, it won a number of Middle East based awards including “Power Plant Operator of the Year” and “Energy Efficiency Awards” at the Middle East Power and Water Awards.  The company, it reports, also completed the largest grid connected solar power plant in the Middle East, the Masdar 10MW Solar Plant in June last year.

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