South Korea Looks to Collaborate With Israel on Renewable Energy

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Shimon Peres from Israel and Lee Myung-bak from South Korea at Davos. (Image via Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

A high-ranking delegation from South Korea is currently visiting Israel to explore possibilities for collaboration between the two countries on renewable energy. The 37-member delegation represents 22 companies, as well as local authorities and R&D centers, according to a report published in the Globes newspaper.

During the extensive 10-day visit, the delegation will visit 13 Israel companies: Zenith Solar, Heliofocus, GreenSun Energy, BrightSource, Better Place, Seambiotic, IQWind, Arrow Ecology, ETV Motors, Ormat Industries, EnStorage, CellEra and Aqwise. The delegation will also meet with officials at Israel’s National Infrastructure Ministry, Industry Trade and Labor Ministry, and Foreign Ministry, and will visit Tel Aviv University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Korean ambassador to Israel Ma Young-Sam told Globes: “The renewable energy field is seen as the future growth engine for Korea, and Israel is ranked fourth in the world in terms of companies operating in the sector. There is definitely business potential, and not just academic. The idea is to merge Israeli technology with Korean equipment and operational ability.”

Earlier this year, Israeli President Shimon Peres and South Korean president Lee Myung-bak discussed potential collaboration in the field of renewable energy during their meeting at the Davos World Economic Forum.

On Tuesday, members of the delegation test-drove electric-powered cars at Better Place’s visitors’ center and discussed a number of options for collaboration, including automobile manufacturing, production of the car’s batteries, and battery charging and replacement stations. South Korea is the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturing country.

::Globes (link closed to payment after 1 week)

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