Dubai's Burj Khalifa Will Tower in Darkness During Earth Hour

burj dubai tower earth dayBurj towers over Dubai. The environmentally-wasteful building will turn its lights off on Earth Hour. (Image via

The Green Prophet has questioned the environmental sustainability of the tallest building in the world, but the Burj Khalifa in Dubai will at least do its part to observe Earth Hour on March 27 by switching off its exterior lights from 8:30-9:30 PM. Officially opened in January, the Burj Khalifa will be shrouded in darkness for one hour together with thousands of other iconic buildings and landmarks around the world – including the three tallest towers in the world after Burj Khalifa: CN Tower, Taipei 101 and Willis Tower.

“Turning off the golden glow that cascades down the 828-meter tower and the starry illuminations that punctuate it, the Burj Khalifa will make its presence felt for the first time in the planet’s most emphatic campaign against climate change,” the Dubai-based Khaleej Times enthusiastically reports. quotes Ahmad Al Matrooshi, the managing director of the building’s developer, Emaar Properties: “We believe that meaningful change can be brought about through community action, and we are taking the lead by participating in Earth Hour. Emaar is also encouraging all community residents to partner in Earth Hour, and urge them to switch off lights for the hour along with the rest of the world. Our schools will also participate in the initiative… [and] we are confident that the message of sustainable growth initiatives will reach out to a large audience across the world.”

Founded by WWF and originating in Australia in 2007, Earth Hour is a global sustainability movement in which over 35 countries have participated. According to Earth Hour Executive Director Andy Ridley, “Earth Hour demonstrates the determination of the world’s citizens for a better and healthier world. It is an opportunity for the global community to speak in one voice on the issue of climate change.”

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  1. Dan Morin says:

    Global Warming (now renamed to “Climate Changed” since the Earth has been cooling for a decatde) is such a scam. Global Warming is about money, and science is just a TOOL to achieve a political agenda (the carbon tax).”The carbon market in the US is expected to be trillions of dollars by 2015, and the technology we are offering is as little as 10% to half of that number”. Earning only 10% of a trillion represents an income of 100 billions a year, which is twice the total wealth Bill Gates accumulated during his lifetime. This is serious money. Guess who is behind this corporation, to become a trillionaire? You have to watch I highly recommend reading the Resignation Letter of Chris Landsea from IPCC written in 2005. This letter shows the fraud committed by the IPCC.…There has been fraud regarding Climate Change research funding: (ClimateGate Who's Who) (Armed Response to 'Climategate' question). This is how the UN censors questions about Global Warming.and more fraud in the carbon trading scheme:… And now, the question everyone should ask: How much carbon reduction is needed to reduce the temperature to the UN target?Answer: A minimum of 80 years without electricity and without fuel. That is, no heating, no cooking, no cars, no trucks, no tractors for agriculture, no cargo boats and no planes. (Climate-Gate – Michael Coren with Lord Christopher Monckton)

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