Shining a light on #EarthHour2016


Earth Hour is upon us. It comes every year on Saturday 19 March, as the clock strikes 8:30 PM around the globe. It’s a worldwide movement  that aims to unite the global community on a broad range of environmental issues, working on a grassroots level to enact mass behavioral change. Join the fun by turning off […]

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Why Earth Hour Still Matters


March 23 at 8:30 PM marks Earth Hour. Will you switch off? Writing for Slate magazine, Bjorn Lomborg argues against what he believes to be the futility of Earth Hour. But Mr. Lomborg’s inability to see the value in such collective environmental efforts makes a compelling case for why we need them. As I pointed out […]

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Join The Wide World of WED on June 5th


For This Year’s World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Asks the World’s Citizens to Mobilize for Climate Action. [image via flickr] In the first few months of each year, we report on several special days and hours:  there’s World Water Day on March 22nd, Earth Hour on the last Saturday of March, […]

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Israel Celebrates "Earth Day" Today Only Tomorrow, With Lights Out, Beach Cleaning, Concerts and Green Awards


(Photographer Yuval Chen spent almost two years snapping shots of hedgehogs in Tel Aviv’s urban landscape. For more see ISRAELITY). Celebrated since 1970, Israel is for the first time celebrating Earth Day nationally. They didn’t put their lights out for an hour a few weeks ago to mark Earth Hour (there was a big football […]

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Earth Hour Competes With Football in Israel, Jordanians March With Candles


Jordan’s Environment Minister Khalid Irani, RSCN Director General Yehya Khaled, Amman City Manager Ammar Gharaibeh and Wild Jordan Director Chris Johnson hold candles during an event marking Earth Hour on Saturday night (Photo via RSCN) Regional Earth Hour celebrations mixed: On Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. when many people in both Jordan and Israel were […]

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