Qatar’s Green LEED Convention Center, a Mini Masdar

qatar leed convention center led lightingQatar’s new LEED-certified convention center could be as “green” as Masdar City. It will boast a world first of LED lighting in exhibition halls.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not the only Persian Gulf locations building environmentally sustainable projects. Now, Qatar is building a unique convention center, which although still unfinished has already achieved the coveted Gold Standard in the Leadership in Energy, Environment, and Design (LEED) green rating system,  making it the first such project to receive such an award.

As reported on the news site (as of 2021 no longer online), the Qatar National Convention Center project is slated to be completed and ready to house events in 2011. The center will have an area of  177,000 sq meters and will have a specially designed roof containing 3,600 sqm of solar panels which will supply about 12.5% of the project total energy needs.

The center will also include other energy saving features such as LED lighting in the exhibition halls and a special wireless convention management system, reducing the need for paper while providing delegates with free internet access.

It is also being aesthetically well designed with a unique curving escalator. It is being designed so that a number of events can be held at the same time.

According to the information noted LEED specifications, Gold Standard projects consume about 37% less energy than conventional buildings, and efficiently use energy, water, and other natural resources, protect occupant health, improve employee productivity, and reduce pollution.

qatar leed convention center led lighting

Although not a residential project, the center has features that make it comparable to the green philosophy of other regional projects; including Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City which when completed in 2016 will obtain virtually all its energy from renewable sources, and Saudi Arabia’s Kaust University.

qatar leed convention center led lighting

Projects built in this part of the world have to be able to withstand very difficult climate extremes including very hot, dry summers, and occasional violent dust, rain and sand storms. To have a high measure of environmental sustainability, especially in respect to receiving such a high award as the LEED Gold Standard, Qatar’s National Convention Center will be a welcome addition to this country’s futuristic outlook.

qatar leed convention center led lightingWork in progress on the new LEED center.

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