Café Louise Serves Organic, Healthy Fare in Haifa and North Tel Aviv

cafe-louise-haifa-organic-healthy-restaurantA variety of healthy, homemade, organic spreads and olives at Cafe Louise in Haifa.

Israel has no shortage of organic cuisine.  From LovEAT café in Tel Aviv to Mizpe Hayamim in the Galilee and Negev Nectars in the south, this country is chock-full of good organic eatin’.

And here’s one more to add to the list!  Café Louise opened in Haifa in 2007 with a vision to offer a natural, healthy culinary experience.

“At the beginning, people didn’t visit because they said ‘It’s healthy, so it must be not be tasty,’” explained founding partner and manager Shay Hamzani.  “We wanted to show people that healthy food can be good too.”

Hamzani and his team, which includes a clinical nutritionist who ensures each dish is packed with nutrients as well as flavor, set out to prove these disbelievers wrong.  Café Louise prepares meals using whole, fresh ingredients instead of unhealthy ones (translation:  lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and olive oil instead of fatty mayo or butter).  Almost everything is prepared in-house in a specially equipped kitchen to make sure that every dish meets the highest standards of both taste and healthfulness.  And of course, the ingredient list includes a variety of organic ingredients like eggs, pasta, vegetables, coffee, and homemade olives.

Today Café Louise has a rather strong clientel base.  The original Haifa branch was so successful, in fact, that the team opened up another branch in the Northern Tel Aviv neighborhood Ramat HaChayal late last year.

The Café Louise team is eager to build a reputation customers trust. “With all of the manipulations in ingredients these days, someone can sit and think he receives the proper nutrition.  But he receives less!” says Hamzani.  “We don’t want to just use buzzwords.  We really want our customers to connect [to our natural, healthy vision], and to value our product.”

Café Louise’s two branches are located at Moriah 58 (Haifa) and Harugey Hamlachut 11 (Ramat HaChayal).

:: Cafe Louise

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3 thoughts on “Café Louise Serves Organic, Healthy Fare in Haifa and North Tel Aviv”

  1. roee says:

    had an ok experience with lunch , tapas plate had cpl of cheeses few pieces of not so great smoked salmon , for main dish the hen was tasty . left the place and got back an hour later for desert . i ordered the apple pie which was average and tea with mint. when asked for some more hot water the waitress told me she was sorry ,but she had to charge me an extra cup charge….. first ever !!!!!!!!
    i declined and thought that water must be really scarce in Israel and they sure didn’t care if they have a returned customer….
    moral of the story:
    bring your own hot water

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