Terra Venture Partners Billed Israel's Most Active Venture Capital Investor in 2009

terra venture partnersTerra Venture Partners ramps up on clean tech investments in Israel.

It’s no secret that Israel has one of the world’s most prolific venture capital markets in the world. Not only is this fact true in the realm of advanced technology fields: it is also true in the areas of clean technology as well.

It now appears that the foremost VC fund dealing with clean energy and related fields is Terra Venture Partners, a Jerusalem-based venture capital fund (we’ve covered Terra Ventures here) focused on seed and early-stage cleantech investments.

This company, which made six first clean tech investments in 2009, was previously mentioned in Green Prophet last July by Marcus Sopher, in which this fund was reported to have had funding and investing in promising seed and early-stage start-ups led by top entrepreneurs in energy, water and other environmental sectors.

According to a write up in Israel Venture Capital and Research Center (IVC), Terra Venture Partners made six “first investments” in the following clean tech and environmental science companies:

  • Linum Systems, a start-up founded in 2009 that is developing an advanced, energy efficient air conditioning technology. Linum Systems was founded by Yuval Berson and Amir Hirshfeld, two veterans of Israeli solar power company Di.S.P.
  • Lithium Force, a start-up focused on providing complete solutions for electric powered transportation fleets (buses, trucks, and taxis).
  • PV Nanocell (no website), a stealthy start-up apparently focused on the development and production of nanomaterials for the solar photovoltaic industry.
  • Silentium which is developing innovative noise reduction products and solutions.
  • SmarTap, a company devloping innovative, efficient electronic water faucets.
  • Wi-Charge, a start-up developing technology to enable the safe, reliable and efficient wireless transmission of power. Wi-Charge was founded in 2007 by Ortal Alpert.
  • IQWind and Phoebus Energy (we’ve covered both) are already part of Terra’s portfolio over the last couple of years. With big intentions announced that it would be investing more (a lot more) in clean tech, it’s good to see Terra finally make some more investments in the field.

    Israeli clean tech companies, especially those involved in renewable energy projects, are some of the most innovative in the world. Although this sector has been affected by the world economic slowdown, the investments made by Terra Venture Partners clearly indicate the interest that the VC company’s investors have in the future of these industries in Israel especially when most of the investment funds come from either the USA or Europe.

    The investment sectors for Israeli venture capital funds were broken down sector by sector by the IVC:

    Software, Internet and Life Sciences: 22% each

    Cleantech 16%

    Communications: 10%

    Semiconductors 5%

    Other ventures 3%

    Innovation success appears to be one of the key drivers in creating investment nterest in clean technology and other types of high tech projects being developed by Israeli companies, with some of these projects being the most novel in their fields.

    To name just a few of these: Shai Agassi’s Better Place electric car and battery replacement company, which  recently launched a Test Drive and Electric Car Education Facility in Israel  and Shmuel Ovadia’s SDE Energy Company which is working with countries like India to create electricity from the power of ocean waves.

    However innovative the idea or project may be, you can sure that VC companies like Terra Venture Partners will be involved to provide the financial “fuel” for the advanced technology innovation fire. Let’s hope.

    Terra Ventures Website

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