The UN Tells Israel to Produce More Solar Power

aora-solar-power-pictureAora fires up its “sun” flower in the desert. But Israel is not doing enough for itself, says UN.

Despite successful companies like Solel and BrightSource, Israel itself is not producing enough power from solar energy, says Cristophe Bouvier, the regional director for Europe at the UN Environment Program, who recently summoned an Israeli delegate to complain about Israel.

What’s new about that?

According to Haaretz, although Israel is considered a leading developer in innovative technologies, it’s hardly uses alternative energy sources itself, relying instead overwhelmingly on fossil fuels. This is despite fairly attractive guaranteed feed in tariffs over the next 20 years, we’ve written about here.

Showcasing its stuff at Copenhagen (without its Prime Minister), the Environmental Protection Ministry of Israel will offering Israel’s tech as an alternative to fossil fuels at the UN Climate Change Conference COP15, but Israel fails to use enough solar to sustain its own energy needs.

Bouvier says that Israel is behind wealthy states like Italy, Austria and Switzerland, but also poorer ones
Senegal and Eritrea. Bouvier told Adam that the United Nations would like to see much more solar electricity produced in Israel, and offered help.


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