Bonn: The Latest Climate Talks and the Middle East

An update on the latest climate negotiations in Bonn as well as Middle Eastern countries which made the headlines during the talks Believe it or not, the latest climate negotiations at Bonn – which discussed the future of the Kyoto Protocol which ends in 2012 as well financing adaptation – have come and gone without […]


Cancun Ends On Slightly Better Note Than Copenhagen

Cancun ends. Qatar’s happy, so is Saudi Arabia. But Bolivia’s not. Not every country whose representatives attended the climate talks in Mexico are pleased with the outcome. CNN reports that Bolivia sought to block what is being dubbed the “Cancun Agreement,” saying that the text of that agreement is hollow, and that the failure will […]


Tunisia Says Do Your Part in Battle Against Climate Change

Borj Cedria beach in Tunisia. This North African country speaks up after Copenhagen. The fallout from the failure of the Copenhagen climate change summit that ended last Friday continues to see world leaders lash out at the international community’s missteps. This time it is Tunisia’s Minister of Environment Nadir Hamada, who said the global leadership […]


Israel "Globes" Business Conference To Showcase Country's Clean Tech and Water Prowess

Irrespective of the outcome of the current COP 15 climate change conference still in progress in Copenhagen, “Startup Nation” Israel is already making plans to become a world leader in clean technology ventures, especially in the areas of water, energy and environmental technologies. Some of these projects will be topics for panel discussions that will be taking […]


Haifa Chemicals and Citi To Sell Carbon Credits

Haifa Bay is lovely, but it’s extremely polluted. Chemical giant there now producing carbon credits with Citi bank. What would induce a significantly environmentally polluting company like Israel’s Haifa Chemicals to make an agreement with an international banking institution like Citi to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Haifa Chemicals has long been a […]


Greenpeace Petition Calls on Netanyahu to Attend Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

Lebanon’s Prime Minister is going, but Israel’s won’t. Locals sign petition to get its PM to Copenhagen. Sick of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s excuses for not attending the international Cophenhagen summit on climate change, Greenpeace has been circulating a petition in order to urge him to attend.  Apparently, many Israelis agreed with Greenpeace.  Within […]