China's ET Solar Enters Israeli Market Via Local Rep

china solar israelChina company enlisted to fuel the hungry demand for solar power installations in Israel.

Although Israel is considered to be a leader in the field of solar energy, it still does not have enough local production to make the solar panels that are used in these solar energy projects. To fulfill the demand, a well known Chinese solar energy products company, ET Solar, has entered into an agreement with Mr. Rafi Kirshenbaum to provide solar energy modular panels and solar trackers for both commercial and private solar energy plants.

Kirshenbaum, of the internet communications company Ventura Communications Internet Israel Ltd (VCI) will represent the Chinese company, who will be better able to supply local solar energy companies with required solar panels.

ET Solar specializes in the crystalline silicon ingot and wafer solar panels for making the photovoltaic solar cells  that are best suited for small, individual solar power units in homes and commercial businesses. ET Solar believes that by having an Israeli representative in place, it will ensure a “quick supply chain” to supply the needed solar panels in a much shorter period of time.

Prior to appointing Mr. Kirshenbaum to be their representative in Israel, ET Solar appointed US Solar Distributing Inc (USSD) to be its primary solar module distributor in the USA.

With both the US and Israel solar energy markets covered by ET Solar, the company is optimistic about the future solar energy markets in both countries, especially in the private sectors. ET Solar officials feels that the “natural conditions” in both Israel and the southwestern portion of the US, i.e. having ample natural sunlight and favorable weather conditions, make both areas natural solar energy markets.

These areas will be supplied with needed solar panels and modules through a series of forward supply bases. In Israel, Kirshenbaum will establish a distribution network to supply the equipment to solar energy contracting companies, as USSD will do in the USA.

With the help of ET Solar, we in Israel may soon see individual solar energy systems in use in shopping malls and business parks, as well as in private homes.

Israel is already a pioneer solar energy innovator, in the field of thermal water heating, but now needs to go one step further by enabling private consumers and businesses to be able to produce electricity from solar energy as well.

In the end everyone will benefit from this as those with individual solar energy plants can sell surplus electricity to the Israel Electric Company’s national grid which will reduce the IEC’s need for imported fuel to power its electrical power plants.

Photo via ET Solar

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