Cecilia Cohen's Recycled Artwork Teaches Us That When the Beer Bottle is Empty, the Possibilities Are Full

cecilia cohen recycled glass beadsIf asked whether the glass is half empty or half full, we’re pretty sure that Israeli artist Cecilia Cohen would say full.  Full of possibilities.

A self-described “mother earth type”, Cecilia has always been conscious of her impact on the environment and is the kind of person “who worries about the survival of coral and bats and picks up garbage at the beach.”  She has brought this awareness to her art production and business practices.

Working mostly with glass and in a wide variety of ways, Cecilia creates beads, jewelry, boxes and other decorative items, all the while constantly finding ways to recycle and upcycle.  She transforms wine and beer bottles into beads (as shown above), old jewelry into stained glass, and integrates found shards of ancient pottery into her designs (as seen below).  She finds uses for even the smallest pieces of material, rather than throwing them away.

cecilia cohen upcycled pottery(On a personal note, we think that her Goldstar Beer beads would make a great necklace or bracelet to accompany Yoav Kotik‘s Goldstar cap rings and earrings.)

Cecilia’s environmental practices extend into the way that she conducts her business.  She has always used recycled packaging materials, collecting or buying bubble wrap from businesses that are throwing it out or friends that are moving.  She also shreds her old papers and junk mail and uses it as filler when shipping stained glass.  She has also set up her business so that she can do most of it from home, eliminating the need for a commute (she doesn’t have a car for that, anyway).recycled beer bottle bead

As Cecilia says about her own impact on the environment, “the world is very large and my personal impact on it can only be very small, but I believe that if we each do as much as possible, and keep trying, it adds up to something.  In light of Global Climate Change, the future of our world, as we know it, is rather uncertain.  It saddens me to realize that our children will not inherit a clean, plentiful world from us.  We owe it to them to do the best we can, and to appreciate and protect the resources that we have left.”

Check out Cecilia’s website – Glass and Light – as well as her Etsy shop, stringythingy (where you can find a great tutorial for turning beer and wine bottles into beads).

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